Sunday, 1 June 2014

Human rights, censorship and silence

As an individual blogger I do not operate on the basis of any kind of "party line" nor do I have a manifesto of any sort, though the thought has crossed my mind. Perhaps one day when I have some spare time...

In the mean time I certainly do have a political agenda.

The basis of Howie's Corner is to promote Human Rights, Free Speech and fight political extremism from both the far left, the far right and religious fundamentalism.

The ideologies of Communism, Fascism and Islamism which are my main targets all have one thing in common. They expect you to obey on pain of death if you don't. Untold millions of people have died or suffered and continue to suffer under the weight of these oppressive ideologies. 

North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan are just some of the countries that oppress human rights and the spread of an intolerant brand of Islamism has replaced communism as the main threat to individual freedom in the modern world, though the remaining Stalinist regimes such as China and North Korea should not be underestimated. Neither should the hybrid nationalist version that has developed under Putin in Russia today.

Everywhere I look there are individuals struggling to be free.

Some cases make headline news. Many, many others are forgotten or ignored, even covered up. These silent victims can only be helped by standing up against the erosion of civil liberties and the rise of backwards superstitious nonsense, whether Islamic or Christian in the case of Gay Rights.

And its' this phrase "superstitious nonsense" that brought me once again into conflict with the hierarchy of my own trade union, PCS. I posted a link to my article Neither religion nor so called honour can justify murder on the members only Face Book page.

It didn't last long. Admin asked me if I "had a problem with Muslims" (inferring "Islamophobia") and despite informing them I was an "ardent atheist" who has a problem with "religion full stop", it was taken down within 20 minutes or so as "inappropriate "apparently.

I despair when I see the left unable to cope with criticism of Islam/Islamism. Most of the left will not countenance any criticism of Islam or any Muslim not matter what they might promote. The usual response is to ignore hate preachers as an inconvenience or to accuse critics (even atheist/secular ones) of "racism" and "islamophobia".

Don't even mention Andy Newman's Socialist Unity or the dreadful website Islamophobia Watch run by Bob Pitt which deliberately conflates secularism with racism.

The Socialist Party and SWP types usually just pretend such injustices as that imposed on Meriam just don't happen. Even when they do have to tackle such issues like Boko Haram, they usually drag up some indigenous trot and pretend its' all the Wests' fault.

I have heard some people on the left call Islam a "religion of the oppressed". Muslims are not oppressed in this country but they certainly are across every Muslim country in the world.

The religion of Islam is used by their rulers to oppress their own people. The worst culprits being these so-called Islamic "scholars" that pontificate over questionable "Hadiths" and interpretations of their Koran to justify their own power and political influence in the world.

Christianity was once very much like that in the Middle Ages and there still are strong elements of authoritarianism particularly in the likes of Irish Catholic Church and some of the evangelical sects that are promoting anti-Gay propaganda across Africa.

Only by casting off the chains of superstition can humanity truly be free.

Human rights and free speech are a threat only to those who seek to impose their will upon everyone else.

Ignore this warning at your peril.

Or the next knock on the door might be for you!

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