Monday, 23 June 2014

Polish Neo-Nazi attack in Tottenham

The rise of the far-right across Europe has been of some concern to the Jewish community, but until now the main source of tension in the UK has been with extremist Islamists.

Until now.

The BBC reports:

A man has been charged with committing racial and religiously aggravated common assault at a music event.

A man's kippah - Jewish skull cap - was pushed from his head during Music Now at Markfield Recreation Ground in Tottenham, north London.

The Met said a group of about 20 people, "predominantly male and from the Eastern European community" disrupted the event on Saturday.

Officers said during the disorder fireworks were thrown.

Jaroslaw Kwidzinski, 22, from Ashtead in Surrey, was released on bail until 14 July when he is due to appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court.

The North London Anti-Fascists website continues:

...a small, extreme nationalist Polish group, Zjednoczeni Emigranci (literally translated as United Immigrants, refered to in this post as Z.E.) had also planned an event nearby. Taking the peaceful community event by surprise, Z.E. launched an unprovoked attack, hurling verbal abuse at locals, intimidating the children and families that were present, before turning to physical violence. Footage from the community event shows Z.E. launching rocks and flares at the crowd. In this shocking turn of events, one local was stabbed and at least one fascist was arrested. 

Z.E. are a relatively small but hardcore group, their social media pages show racist and neo-nazi imagery, and they have close ties to football hooliganism in Poland.

Frankly the idea that these nationalists are pursuing their nationalism in a country nowhere near their own is the height of absurdity.

This is one group of foreigners we could all unite in calling for the deportation of!

Polish Nazi's not welcome here!

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  1. I hate people like that. I live in this country and I love it as its own. Honestly we work and build your life here. That's what these people are doing only brings us shame and destroys everything in which we worked so hard. Me and my friends definitely be cut off from the perpetrators of this attack. I hope they will rot in jail. I will never understand what they did and that what a person with such views are leaving abroad.