Sunday, 29 June 2014

Islamists war on children continues as hate preacher seeks asylum

The kidnapping of over two hundred Christian school girls by the Islamist extremists known as Boko Haram and threatening to sell them into slavery, shocked ordinary people across the world.

These so called "men of god" want to take northern Nigeria back to the stone age by banning education, killing Christians and enslaving women.

In Israel three teenagers were kidnapped by the Hamas terrorists.

An organisation that hides behind the pretence of being on the side of the Palestinians when its real agenda (which includes a genocidal policy towards Jews) is also to set up a backwards "Islamic" state.

Meanwhile in Iraq, the blood crazed ISIS group has kidnapped 140 boys who had been sitting their exams. The Times reported on Friday that:

All but four of the boys, aged between 14 and 16, are still in captivity and being subjected to instruction in Islamic law, followed by hours of propaganda.

Mohammed one of four boys who fled said "we were all so scared". On the first day of their kidnapping, the militants told the boys "if you try to escape we will cut your head off".

They were issued with blankets and slept 17 to a room. Prayers began at dawn. After Sharia lessons, the fighters would show them videos of killings and suicide bombings, Mohammed said.

These are school children., being turned into cannon fodder by the Islamist terrorists.

Men of "God"? A death cult is all these Islamists represent. A threat to Muslims let alone the rest of us. They need to be stopped.

Around 500 of these men are from the UK.

The hate preachers have been active in recruiting vulnerable youths in Muslim communities in this country. One of them Omar Bakri fled the UK back in 2005 and now seeks to return.

The Huffington Post reports:

Extremist preacher Omar Bakri Mohammad will not be allowed back into Britain, the Government has insisted amid reports he intends to claim asylum in the UK.

The radical Islamic cleric faces the death sentence for running a terror cell in Lebanon and claims he has been tortured, according to reports.

Family members have said they are launching an urgent appeal to allow him back into Britain under asylum laws but the Home Office has ruled out a return.

Government spokesmen have been quite firm in rejecting any such application.

I'll be blunter. 

Bakri can simply fuck off.

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