Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Is the SWP still working with "Comrade Delta"?

If there is one thing we all know about the Socialist Workers Party is that is parasitically sectarian when it comes to campaigns, publications and websites in order to get its members and supporters to toe the "line". So when Hope Not Hate sets up a running campaign to expose the more lunatic elements of UKIP, the SWP go and form their own campaign, Stand up to UKIP.


You see it all the time, it just happens to be the latest of their shenanigans.

One thing they really don't like is members of their cult promoting anyone elses work. So imagine my surprise when when leading SWP member Candy Udwin posted this on the PCS Union members Face Book Page:

Candy Udwin We are all better off if Scotland votes Yes. Nice video of what is described as a Yes flash mob in Glasgowhttp://www.dreamdeferred.org.uk/.../video-huge-flashmob.../

Now Dream Deferred is a website best avoided. Why? Because its the latest political project of Martin Smith, the former SWP National Secretary at the centre of serious allegations widely commented on across the media, including the mainstream press given the nature of the accusations made against him.

Now nothing has been or probably ever will be proved due to the disgraceful way the SWP cult dealt with the issue and treated the alleged victim. Even now hostility towards the SWP is very visible, especially in the universities and across the Feminist movement.

The defence of "Delta" by the Prof and his "lynch mob" not only caused outrage, but managed to split the SWP apart. It is a pale reflection of its former self, which frankly isn't a bad thing for this hateful little sect. 

One of the people on the "Disciplinary Committee" that "exonerated" him was none other than leading hack Candy Udwin. Delta subsequently left the SWP, managed to cause an outcry when he re-appeared at Liverpool Hope University and then all went quiet.

Now he has a website, working with a journalist called, you guessed it Dream Deferred. Most observers though he might just have disappeared into the ether, but no here he is and promoted once again by a leading SWP member.

Rumours of a long term plan to "rehabilitate" the man have abounded across the Internet. The arrogance of the Profs cult knows no bounds so could there be some remaining connections with Delta?

Are the SWP quietly working with delta?

Time will tell. 

And many will be watching.....

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