Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Union leader hospitalized after being beaten - protest now

A LabourStart appeal by Eric Lee

Help us to demand justice for Luis Cardenas – a trade union leader at Prosegur who became the victim of a brutal and violent assault near his home in Peru.

UNI has launched a campaign in partnership with LabourStart calling on Prosegur to denounce threats and attacks on trade unionists.

Cardenas, an off-duty worker at the Spanish security firm, was left hospitalised by the attack after a cowardly and anonymous criminal smashed him across the head with a rock.

The attacker took none of Luis’ personal property, strongly suggesting Luis was targeted simply for being a trade union leader.

Shockingly, just one month earlier sick and dangerous pamphlets were circulated to Prosegur staff identifying Cardenas as a union leader and falsely accusing him of stealing union funds.

We have seen similarly damaging pamphlets distributed at Prosegur sites in Colombia but the company denies all responsibility and claims not to know who is behind them.

Such libellous and degrading material puts Prosegur workers at risk but the company still allows its distribution on Prosegur premises.

Join UNI Global Union in calling on Prosegur to publicly denounce all forms of threats and violence towards trade union members and to prevent the distribution of any material that incites violence:

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