Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Should we seek an alternative to PCS......

A number of trade unions have a protest strike planned for Tuesday October 14th. This will take place a few days before the planned mass TUC demonstration on October 18th. The PCS union (along with the NUT) has already taken part in a protest strike back in July if anyone remembers for all the difference it made.

Undeterred some "comrades" are just waiting for the call such as the PCS Independent Left (a tiny grouping of malcontents) who muse:

Whilst the PCS NEC has not made a formal decision as yet, it is inconceivable that the PCS will not join in with the increasing number of unions who have called or are planning to call a strike on the 14 October. Indeed the union’s whole strategy is predicated on the need for such joint action. Unfortunately there is no evidence that a one day strike will move this government.

An odd statement if examined carefully. How can it be "inconceivable" if there is "no evidence that a one day strike" will make any difference.

A strike just for the sake of it then?

The last strike (despite claims to the contrary) was not that well supported with no other civil service taking part and the uncomfortable fact that over a third of civil servants remain un-unionised. One of the main reasons for this is that members are not persuaded that such action will achieve anything in the current climate and are unwilling to make even the small financial sacrifice participation requires when they are all struggling to make ends meet.

PCS, despite being the sixth largest union in the country is far weaker than it has ever been due to the poor and inept far left leadership who have pushed the union away from the political mainstream. No amount of naval gazing rhetoric can make up for that.

The unions Socialist Party Grandees spoke at an aptly named "fringe" meeting at which they claimed to know how how to fight austerity and the cuts (stop laughing at the back) despite the simple fact they caused the greatest attack on trade union facility time, like ever.

Undaunted Madame President told the already converted audience that:

We need to organise to defeat the cuts and secure improvements in conditions for thousands of workers. There is a common theme about involving members and community campaigning that we need to continue to explore.

While Assistant General Secretary Chris Baugh added:

It's not enough to simply say what we're against. It's an opportunity to say what's our alternative and what sort of world we want to fight for.

Unfortunately neither comrades tell us how these aims are to be achieved.

Most trade unions will be taking the obvious measure to ensure that the Tories are kicked out of Government at the next election, which frankly is essential if we even want to have trade unions to campaign on our behalf.

Not these two though. Along with large numbers of the PCS activist caste will be pushing for people to vote for the so called Trade Unionist and Socialist coalition which for the record polled a grand 0.04% at the last General Election. Talk about a wasted effort......

Quite simply they don't have any answers on how to fight the cuts except for the reductionists argument of "join the Socialist Party", the sect to which they belong

PCS Left Unity

Meanwhile further in developments PCS activists are undermine the chances of removing the coalition by backing Scottish independence. 

PCS Left Unity is strongly recommending that you vote YES. All the main Westminster parties, including Labour, are committed to austerity – the failed policies of cuts and privatisation that is destroying jobs, conditions and services and means a brutal dependency on food banks for many. Better Together only offers more of the same.

An explanation from the Labour Party members inside Left Unity is due methinks.

The far-left are so far removed from political reality they fail to see the world in anything except their own myopic terms. Pushing for strikes when a political solution should be sought through a new Labour Government.

And before they shout, no it won't give everything we demand. Life just aint like that comrades.

Breaking up the United Kingdom will likewise lead to disaster, but they know this and assume that they will get "socialism" out of this.

Except we've seen what some economic crises have led to and it's not pretty.

Across Europe and to a lesser extent the UK with UKIP, its the far-right that's on the rise.

The far left remains on the sidelines wasting so many peoples efforts.

Time for for PCS to grow up or shut up.

Only that isn't going to happen any time soon. Perhaps we the members should be looking for an alternative.

An alternative to PCS that is.

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