Sunday, 26 July 2015

Labour opens Pandora's box

The Sunday Times published an article today in which they noticed the Communist Party of Great Britain was encouraging activists to join the Labour Party through the supporters scheme and help get Jeremy Corbyn elected. Trouble is of all the targets The Sunday Times could have chosen, the self-proclaimed CPGB is the least of Labour's worries.

The CPGB has less than 50 members (believed to be around 35) and despite it's highly sectarian paper being quite widely read (on-line), it's not a "political lead" that readers seek. It's the internal gossip of the far-left that the paper usually covers quite well.

Nevertheless there is a serious point to the concerns that were raised both in the front page article and their editorial. There are large numbers of people being signed up who are anti-Labour. Take Liz Davies of the new and still born Left Unity "party". She's "come back" to the fold as Labour is making a left turn. One Newcastle party meeting had 13 new members turn up to vote in the nomination process, none of whom had been seen in the general election.

Unite the union is signing up it's members, thousands of whom will now get votes. Of course McCluskey can't guarantee they'll all vote for Corbyn, but the Unite propaganda machine will be in full swing to ensure their "boy" gets favourable publicity.

We are told "the young" are turning to the pensioner Corbyn on the basis of the experience of Syrzia and Podemos, despite their obvious failures. In any we live in an age of political apathy where the vast majority of people have no confidence in politics at all. The young included.

The rise of the dinosaurs of the Labour left is already damaging the party's prospects at the next election. The kind of full bloodied "socialism" as these people claim they stand for is not wanted by the vast majority of voters in this country.

When examined the far-lefts policies do not stand up to scrutiny. There can be less harsh cuts and reductions made over a longer period to try and alleviate some of the social problems that arise from them, but a policy of "no cuts" is fiscally impossible. The deficit and financial crisis remain very real.

And the antics of Syrzia could have made it worse and still can. The comrades should also remember that Syrzia is only in power as a result of being in a coalition with a right wing party that makes UKIP look positvely "liberal".

Then there's international affairs these unilateral disarmament enthusiasts would leave us defenceless in a world where the rise of Islamism, Russian Nationalism and China as a superpower puts the democratic West at severe risk.

The decision of Labour to open the election to all comers was a disaster in the making. The "morons" who helped Corbyn get on the ballot paper are now openly regretting their decision. They didn't open up a debate, they opened Pandora's box and helped bring about the demise of the Labour Party just like the left did in the seventies and eighties.

If Corbyn wins and the left rises in the Labour Party there will be an internal civil war. The rise of a new "militant tendency" will only lead to decades of Tory rule.

The consequences are too dire to imagine, but the left do not care. Just like all fundamentalists only ideology or theology matters.

Socialism has always failed.

The need for a modern Labour movement has never been greater. The left must be pushed back now or only ordinary people will suffer.

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