Saturday, 4 July 2015

Now Assange tries to flee to France

After not having been in the news lately Julian Assange the Wikileaks founder wanted in Sweden for alleged sexual offences has tried another tactic to try and extricate himself from facing his accusers. He wants to got to France.

According to The Times Assange wrote to the Elysee Palace:

"My life is in danger. France is the only country that can offer me the necessary protection against... the political persecutions I face.!

Now given he's been hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy and accepting their misguided hospitality for three years I would have though his current hosts might take offence at that. Still Assange doesn';t seem to care about anyone but himself.

He betrayed the trust of all those people who posted bail for him before he bolted in attempt to get asylum in Ecuador.

The French however are having none of it and responded promptly. They concluded:

"The situation of Mr Assange does not present any immediate danger. He is also the target of a European arrest warrant."

An arrest warrant for alleged sex crimes remember NOT leaking secrets that put peoples lives in danger and helped those undermining democracy.

Yet he still has backers. Eric Cantona who I'm told is some kind of football player and Thomas Piketty an Economist of sorts. They also support France giving asylum to that other traitor who put Western democracy's security at risk a certain Edward Snowden who may or may not still be hiding in that most democratic and open of societies, Russia.

Both men are traitors and I have no sympathy for their self inflicted plight at all. 

We live in a dangerous world and sometimes things have to be done that cannot be in the public domain. It's our security, our lives and our democratic way of life that these men have undermined.

But first Assange needs to answer to the courts in Sweden where I am absolutely certain he will get a fair trial.

It's time Ecuador showed him to the door of their Embassy.

And soon.

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