Thursday, 23 July 2015

Left wing fascists hound Holocaust survivor

The growth of anti-Semitism both here in countries like France and here in the UK continues to be a matter for concern. In France for example half the attacks recorded as being racial in nature are against Jews. The percentages of the backgrounds of the perpetrators are not known to me at the time of writing, but a large proportion originate from the followers of a so-called religion of "peace".

In France the left has an excellent record in fighting racism and anti-Semitism as well as being able to stand up for free speech and expression something the British left is now incapable of doing.

Quite often on this blog I have characterised the far left or the anti-imperialists as being part of a new far right. Their obsession with trying to use the Muslim community for their own ends quite often manifests itself in making the issue of the Israel/Palestine conflict as being central to that strategy.

Despite being the only democracy in the Middle East, the only nation where Christians and Gays can live openly in peace, Israel is the object of their desire for destruction.

The anti-imperialist thesis is predicted on the belief that if Israel is destroyed the imperialist nations will tumble like a house of cards.

The fate of another six million Jews is of no apparent concern to them.

Israel came into existence as a result of a holocaust. A European Holocaust. One of the former leaders of the so-called Palestine Solidarity Campaign Francis Clarke-Lowes was actually expelled for being a Holocaust denier. Even the far left and their fellow travellers couldn't allow that view usually confined to neo-Nazi's to exist (at least openly) in their organisation.

I say "openly" as so many delegates voted against his expulsion. Disgraceful.

So it comes as no surprise to me that these far left anti-imperialist types hounded a Holocaust survivor. The Daily Express  reports:

Henry Schachter set up the Bournemouth Action for Israel stand at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Dorset to provide an alternative view to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s stall which regularly appears at the event.

But the 76-year-old said he and his colleagues were forced to retreat amid “intimidating and virulent” abuse by Left-wing Palestine supporters who were all white English people.

Mr Schachter, whose Jewish parents were killed by the Nazis, said his group was compared to the BNP during last week’s incident in which a “flashmob” threw pamphlets to the ground and tried to deface the stand.

Mr Schachter said: “As a survivor of the Holocaust it makes me feel disgusted and sad to be called things like a Nazi. The Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival is exactly the place for people from different organisations to exercise freedom of speech.

“But it was anything but free speech. It was intimidating and virulent abuse by a flashmob of far-Left bullies.”

The PSC apparently claim they "raised the matter of the presence of the stall peacefully". Still wanted him banned though. They only want a one sided view, their view to dominate.

It's not clear who these people were from the report but those responsible for these actions are the new fascists.

The far left IS the new far right.

I have a message for these evil thugs. 

We will never go quietly into the night again. We will fight you for our right to exist. 

Never again!

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