Thursday, 2 July 2015

No room for trade union rights at upscale Myanmar hotel

Tourism is booming in Myanmar, but workers are still denied their basic rights after decades of dictatorship. In 2013 workers at the upscale Bagan Hotel River View formed a union in response to longstanding grievances and legally registered the union in June that year. Workers had gone years without a pay raise and distribution of the important service charges was not enforced. On March 7 this year, management summoned the union executive to a closed meeting in a private hotel room guarded by hotel security and instructed them to disband the union and to sign resignation letters. Five union leaders who refused were immediately terminated.

With the support of the IUF, the union is fighting for their immediate reinstatement. You can support this important struggle for trade union rights - CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to the owners and management of the Bagan Hotel River View, telling them to immediately reinstate the 5 dismissed trade union leaders to their jobs, respect union rights and negotiate with the union in good faith.

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