Wednesday, 27 January 2016

As anti-Semitism rises Holocaust Day is commemorated

"Menachem taffel" by Source.

When the first concentration camps were liberated by the Russians and then the allies there were many who just didn't, couldn't believe that such horrors could be committed. Then came the newsreels, the pictures, the first hand accounts of man's inhumanity to man.

Six Million Jews were exterminated in these camps and by death squads by the Nazi's around Europe, particularly in Poland, Hungary, Russia and the Baltic states. They found willing helpers, even in the supposedly more "civilised" West such as the French Milche.

But the facts were there. All these innocent men, women and children had been murdered just because they were Jewish.

Of course Jews were not alone in being targeted, but were the the main focus of the Nazi's vicious campaign of "racial purification. Millions of Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, the disabled and the mentally ill all suffered.

This wasn't the first genocide of the 20th Century either. The Turks exterminated one and a half million Armenian Christians, but only Germany has come to terms with it's historical role in genocide. The Turks not only deny their crimes, but make it a crime to even mention in their country.

For the Kurds facing military assaults from the Turkish military as I write such denial is frightening.

Even worse is the world standing by as not just Yazadi's are exterminated or their women taken into sexual slavery but also Christians face ethnic cleansing in their homelands by the machinations of not just ISIS, but other intolerant Islamic forces.

Those that would be expected to protest against the rise of such murderous barbarity include the left. However today's radicals have morphed from anti-Zionism and anti-imperialism into what can only be seen as a new form of fascism. For then anti-Semitism is at best a distraction in their perceived fight against democracy and freedom. Islamists cannot be criticised no matter what they do lest it interfere with the new alliance of the new fascist left and their anti-imperialist allies.

The destruction of Israel is their goal. All other considerations are pushed aside.

These "useful fools" as Lenin would have described them try to re-write history ignoring Ottoman oppression that existed in pre-mandate Palestine that prevented not just Jews but other non-Muslims from owing land or having rights.

Some of these campaigners even resort to being Holocaust deniers because this event more than anything led to the creation of the state of Israel. The British Palestine Solidarity campaign was forced to expel it's former Chair, Francis Clark-Lowes from their organisation for being a "Holocaust denier". Even then 20% of their conference delegates voted against. There are obviously people in the PSC who cannot and should not be trusted. Ever.

Across Europe the rise of anti-Semitism has been seen amongst communities influenced not just by Islamist extremists but the new left fascists as well. In Eastern Europe the far right has risen to prominence in both Poland and Hungary, both countries traditionally associated with such prejudices.

The future is not bright for the worlds Jews or for that matter the Kurds, Yazadi's, Christians in Muslim countries or Tibet where the Communist regime has been populating their country with ethnic Han Chinese to try and change forever the ethnic makeup of a once free country.

I do not trust most of the modern left because their "caring" is shallow and politically motivated by a blinkered and nefarious agenda.

But one thing I do know that we will not go quietly into the night again. Nor will the Kurds who like the Jews will not surrender to those that would destroy us.

Fighting talk. Yes.

A necessary statement that censorship, boycotts, terrorism and thuggery will not break us.

Remember this day so it will not happen again? It already is. There are new fascists in this world and they must be stood up against.

Otherwise next they will come for your freedoms.

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