Monday, 4 January 2016

Murderous theocracy condemns murderous theocracy shock

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The sectarian conflict in the Middle east took a new and violent twist as an orchestrated crowd ransacked the Saudi Barbarian Embassy in Tehran yesterday. Orchestrated because nothing, absolutely nothing of that nature takes place in Iran without prior approval of the Mullahs holed up in their blinkered cloisters.

The war between the two main factions of Islam (Sunni and Shia) has been a constant since the original schism after the death of their so-called "prophet" back in the Middle Ages. Despite having almost similar practises the differences are enough to  push the competing acolytes to violence.

Religion of "peace" indeed. Not

The current wave of violence is a result of the Saudi regimes decision to execute a leading Shia cleric as a "terrorist". One of 147 to be executed for various breaches of the Wahhabian laws imposed on the Saudi people. It's difficult to take this charge of "terrorism seriously since their definition is to say the least expansive and irrational to the extreme.

Under new Saudi laws even holding views critical of the state's version of Islam and shock horror not believing in "god" at all makes you a terrorist.

The Saudi Regime punishes thoughts of dissension by death.

This is a regime who have threatened to sue anyone on Twitter who likens them to ISIS. who erm..carry out be headings and executions for, wait for it the same offences considered terrorism by the Wahhabi sponsored Saudi regime.

Iran of course is also well known for it's own brutality and politically motivated executions. Just ask the Kurds, Bahai's  and all other opponents of their own version of the religion of peace.

Iran actually executes more prisoners than Saudi Arabia.

Both countries suppress opposition mistreat their minorities, religious or otherwise.

Women's rights are non-existent and homosexuality is punishable by death.

In practice their is nothing to choose between either clerical dictatorship. Nasty regimes based on mediaeval religious practices and beliefs that should have been abandoned years ago.

And yet one of these countries (Saudi Arabia) sits on the United Nations so-called Human Rights Council.

It's one of the things that makes the UN such a joke of a body.

Both countries seek to impose a world ban on "blasphemy" by which they actually mean criticism of their religion as neither has ever shown any concern what so ever for anybody else's.

Even conversion to another religion is met with the death penalty under these barbaric regimes.

Of course politics plays a part in the growing conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia as both seek greater influence across the Islamic world. But both countries are guilty of exporting religious intolerance and terrorism across the world.

The real victims of these barbaric regimes are the people of Iran and Saudi Arabia.

My message to them?

Throw away your false god and their clerics, you only have your chains to lose.

"God" does not exist.

They made him up to control your lives. Full stop. 

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