Thursday, 28 January 2016

Trevor Phillips gets it wrong

Trevor Philips, the former race equality chief has got himself in a bit of hot water according to The Times yesterday who reported; (no link£)

... it was dis-respectful to suppose Muslim that communities  would change, claiming that they see the world differently from the rest of us.

Philips then says:

"Part of the integration process is for the rest of us to grasp that people are not going to change their views simply because we are constantly telling them to be like us."

I don't know what he  is trying to say here. Our society is full of different groups and individuals who think differently. There are core "British" or rather democratic values that the majority (but not all) do hold.

These are Free Speech and expression, equal rights for all (and that includes women, gays, Jews and those that reject religion including Islam of which the latter are a small but growing number), tolerance, diversity. I could go on but the general drift is clear.

The foundation of this is simply that there should be one law for all.

And yet whilst we would expect to have to abide by Islamic values in their countries of origin, 35 or so of which practice Sharia Law in all it's brutal forms. there are large groups of Muslims who lead separate lives from the rest of society including holding their own courts where equality is not practiced and some of our fellow citizens are discriminated against on a regular basis.

Shari Law courts should not be allowed to operate in this country and it must be an offence to run such vigilante courts because at the end of the day that's exactly what they are.

It doesn't help that the traditional political activists that should stand up for equal rights capitulate at every opportunity to Islam(ism).  Take the defence of the veil published on Left Foot Forward today written by "Young Green" Sarah van de Ham who muses:’s unclear exactly why the niqab might be an obstacle to learning. Muslims have been teaching, learning and otherwise communicating wearing the full-face veil for centuries in Islamic countries all around the world.

Where to start with this reactionary nonsense? Of course the veil is a barrier to communication. If you can only see the eyes of the person wearing them then communication is restricted as non-verbal body language is an important part of social discourse.

The full burqa with veil is not a Koranic prerequisite. It only states that women should dress "modestly". Today's black clad brigade wear a political uniform designed to intimidate other Muslim women first and create a buffer with us non-believers.

All of the other migrant communities in the UK (and there are many) most have successfully integrated in British society. Not perfectly at times but without the resistance seen organised by the fundamentalists and their rather large body of conservative support.

Today's radical have betrayed Human Rights by capitulating to reactionary Islamism. Firstly by the nati-imperialist turn to "Palestinianism" and the complete cowardice shown over the Salman Rushdie affair where the left didn't want to be seen as "racist".

A word comrades. Islam is not and has never been a race. It is just a man-made theology just like every other religion in the world but to whom a political alliance is seen as somehow being "progressive".

The problems of the failure of integration have been seen at it's worst in countries like Sweden and now Germany where such difficulties have been swept under the carpet for too long.

The problem lies in the theology. It has to be challenged. It is not "dis-respectful" to dislike a particular world view, especially when it creates problems on our own doorsteps.

Like most right-minded people I dislike Communism and Fascism. I'm also an atheist who these Islamist types would put to death should I "insult the prophet". Being a Jew would be a bonus for these bigots.

Islam first and foremost oppresses Muslims.

Free yourselves from this medieval outlook and you will see the world in a better light.

There are no virgins waiting for you in heaven. The reason being there is no god or hell it's all a fiction designed by bearded old men to control your lives through superstition and misogyny.

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