Friday, 29 January 2016

Post on Turkish military chant removed.

Whilst this blog expresses my opinions (and those of the occasional Guest or Cross Post), it is not my intention to knowingly publish incorrect or false information.

On 25th January I published an article based on a video posted to both You Tube and Facebook. I have received a note from Ahmet Sezer who says:

None of the words translated correctly... They ARENT saying what the subtitles suggests.

Since I cannot speak Turkish and I have now seen a comment on You Tube itself that gives a different translation I am not in a position to challenge this.

In these circumstances I have found it necessary to remove the post.

The Turks are committing real atrocities against the Kurds and publishing inaccurate or false information does not help their cause. 

I remain a firm and committed supporter of a free Kurdish State.

Apologies to all my readers.

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