Friday, 30 June 2017

Dissent Verboten!

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I woke up this morning and was subjected to the sight of a video on You Tube of a woman who got a tattoo of Jeremy Corbyn on her arm after joining the Labour Party to vote for him. She wasn't a disaffected yoof with university fees to worry about. She was an adult, taken in by the cult of Steptoe that has taken over the Labour Party.

These are strange times indeed as Corbyn sacks rebels from his front bench, a rather hypocritic action given he has rebelled against the Labour whip more times than any other Labour MP. One rule for the left dissent verboten for everyone else.

In-fighting is now breaking out all over the Labour Party as the Corbynistas go for the jugulars of any MP or Labour Party official that dare oppose them. Old Steptoe himself supposedly does not support deselection but doesn't actually stop his followers from acting against his colleagues.

The latest target is reported by the Bristol Post:

A pro-Jeremy Corbyn group is pushing for a change in Labour Party rules which could lead to Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire being deselected - just weeks after she secured one of the biggest majorities in the country.

The Bristol Post understands that several Momentum supporters are backing an amendment to the party's constitution at an extraordinary general meeting tonight. The change in how Labour selects its prospective parliamentary candidates would make it easier to challenge and potentially deselect sitting MPs. Several other Labour branches across the country are expected to back the amendment, with the aim of getting it debated at the Labour Party conference this autumn.......

Despite her incredible 37,336 majority, Ms Debbonaire would be vulnerable to a Momentum takeover due to her previous clashes with Mr Corbyn.

Momentum are organising against those that will not toe the line in a true Stalinist fashion. It is likely that this hybrid group, not actually affiliated with Labour and containing many outsiders will organise cult supporters to flood meetings. Whether "moderates" or others will be able to stem this tide is far from clear.

Momentum has become by far the largest far-left outfit this country has ever seen and it uses modern methods to spread it's message. Instead of selling the paper in the traditional manner (which never reached that many no matter what the group), their use of social media has allowed for the use of dumbed down messages and memes to influence potential supporter.

Modern politics no longer needs d the deep thinking of weighty "theoretical journals" (that took three months to produce and three hours to read if anyone could be bothered) when a sound bite will do. "What do we want!" takes on a whole new meaning when people simply do not learn about the real world and only see absolute rights (for themselves) and bugger everyone else.

The new "left" if they can really be described as such have failed to learn the lessons of history, let alone economics. These new breed of activists are highly intolerant.  From the safe-spacers and intersectionalist proponents in universities and "minority" movements to the blinkered anti-imperialist, anti-war types there is a growing new fascism.

Free speech and even free thought is under threat. The new activists do not believe in democracy only their march to control us all.

First they'll come for the Zionists Jews..........


  1. As I am sure you're aware, maintaining collective responsibility if you're on the front bench has always been Parliamentary procedure. Corbyn was always a back bencher when he rebelled, and therefore his actions are not hypocritical. No backbencher who voted for the amendment has had the whip removed.

    In addition, the very unCorbynist Tom Watson expressed disappointment at Umunna bringing the amendment one of those sacked is a close ally of his, so this can hardly been seen as a politically motivated decision.

    (As you have criticised anonymous comments in the past, my name is Nicholas Parker)

  2. Actually the sight of Corbyn turning from poacher to gamekeeper amuses me no end. I wonder what his young fans think of his actions in going for a hard Brexit? Never mind they'll learn. Eventually....