Thursday, 30 August 2018

Once More On Censorship In Universities By Trans-Activists

Photo: By Erdem Civelek

The debate over Trans-men/women continues unabated by  political activists though the general public seem oblivious to it all despite impending legislation that could adversely affect free speech over issues of who is a woman. Most people still accept the general definition that men have a penis and women have a vagina.

Of course it's not that simple. Nature produces Hermaphrodites and there is a condition known as  Body Dysphoria and there are a growing number of men who live as women, some who have gone all the way with major operations but so many more who don't and retain their male appendages whilst living as "women".

Germaine Greer has got into trouble with the modern politically correct brigade for stating the obvious that trans women are not (biological) women. A statement most of us would consider logically correct but has been attacked as "hate speech" by a number of student unions and Trans-activists.

There was a time when Greer herself was considered too radical by many. The sight of her being "no-platformed" by student unions is not only ridiculous even if you disagree with her views but more to the point an attack on free speech. The new censors don't want debate they simply want to enforce their views on all and sundry.

Whether you refer to this new tendency as the new fascism or stalinism is a moot point. They are undermining not just free speech but education as well.

The Daily Telegraph reported yesterday:

Brown University has removed research from it's website that hypothesised that teenagers who came out as transgender were more likely to have friends who were transitioning and that they were influenced by YouTube videos and social media.

Academics accused the university of bowing to pressure from activists after it removed a news article and link to Lisa Littman's research. A tweet promoting the paper was also deleted.

Rather than debate the issue pure censorship was imposed. Everybody involved was condemned as the religious right or anti LGBT. This is far from the first time and the Telegraph mentions James Caspian:

... a psychotherapist who is pursuing a case against Bath Spa University for blocking his research into people who decide to de-transition.

All this is due to activists trying to block and discredit anything that doesn't suit their agenda.

Universities and Governments need to grow a pair and stand up for academic freedom.

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