Tuesday, 14 August 2018

When Corbyn wanted to expel the Jewish organisation from the Labour Party

Whilst being interviewed on television about his views of the Israel/Palestine conflict he claimed that he wanted people to "talk" so there could be peace. That was why he attended the Palestinian Conference that's got him into hot water over the weekend.

Corbyn claimed he had " devoted his whole life to" peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

However evidence shows quite the opposite. He backed a motion in 1984 that wanted to kick Poale Zion (now the Jewish Labour Movement) out of the Labour Party. Further he wanted the TUC to break it's links with Histadrut, the Israeli Trade Union Organisation.

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How is he to talk for "peace" when he excommunicates one side of the conflict from the equation. His whole life has been to support organisations and movements that want to wipe Israel off the map and shows no regards for the self-determination of the Jewish people.

In those days the left supported every, well almost every so-called" Liberation" organisation going. The exceptions being Israel and Tibet.

Fast forward to today and although he maintains relationships with his friends in Hamas and Hezbollah, both of whom have genocidal outlooks on the Jewish state (the latter backed by Iran who want to "wipe Israel off the map".

Of course Corbyn didn't mind working for and appearing on Press TV, the propaganda channel for the Iranian Clerics.

Simply put Corbyn has NEVER worked for peace. He turned down an invitation to go to visit the Holocaust museum in Israel yet has regularly shared platforms with Holocaust deniers.

Corbyn simply cannot be trusted. Full stop!

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  1. It's good to see you back. I was wondering what had happened. And I'm glad about your recovery. Congratulations!