Thursday, 22 August 2013

An indefatigable obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

The recent killing of hundreds of Syrian civilians in what is believed to be a major chemical weapons attack shocked the civilised world. The Assad regime has long been accused of deploying such weapons in their attempt to retain power and has denied such atrocities, but videos and pictures in the media seem to tell a quite different story.

Most of this has been covered in the media over the last few days but what needs addressing is the reaction of George Galloway MP on the Iranian Government backed Press TV.

George Galloway on Chemical Weapons in Syria

Hear his views on You Tube

Galloway is an absolute disgrace.

Who on earth is he trying to kid? The Israelis are putting weapons of mass destruction into the hands of Al-Qaeda? An organisation that seeks the destruction of the Jewish state, and impose an Islamist world dictatorship?

Total and utter nonsense, with questionable motives.

This is the same Galloway who saluted Assad's fellow Baathist dictator Saddam Hussein as " indefatigable" who went on to gas Kurdish civilians. 

Galloway is not fit to be an MP.


Update: I recently wrote about the growing split in Galloways Bradford Respect Party here.

It seems that the 5 dissident councillors have now quit according to this report from the local newspaper Telegraph and Argus

All five Respect councillors at Bradford Council have resigned from their party en masse in protest at the suspension of two of their members.
The dramatic move follows an internal row over MP George Galloway’s ambitions to become Mayor of London.
The councillors say they will not rejoin the party until the two suspended members, Ishtiaq Ahmed and Mohammad Shabbir, are “publicly exonerated and their suspensions revoked”.
In the meantime, the five say they will be continuing in their role as ward councillors, but as a group of independent politicians.


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