Saturday, 24 August 2013

The politics of "anti-imperialism" exposed

Not to be outdone by George Galloway's latest demented rantings about Israel handing over chemical weapons to al-Qaeda, now the arm-chair anti-imperialist John Wight of Socialist Unity has entered the fray with his latest apologia for the brutal Assad dictatorship in Syria.

While the rest of the world is mostly convinced of the guilt of the Baathist regime in Damascus and UN inspectors being refused access to investigate, Wight makes claims that "the allegations don't add up", though does not seek to blame Israel for a change as his usual wont for a scapegoat in the Middle East. He does however admit to a little speculation as this extract makes clear:

No matter how you look at it, and at this point speculation reigns, the distinct whiff of a set up surrounds the allegations made by the Syrian opposition that the government deployed what looks to have been sarin in and around the Damascus suburb of Ghouta as part of its ongoing military operation to crush the opposition forces holed up there. 

We are told this does require a serious investigation but:

But let’s not pretend: from the outset the US, Britain, and France – along with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey in the region – have been open in their political, financial, and military support for the opposition and the toppling of the present Syrian government. It’s instructive that of all the western powers lined up against Assad, France.....has clearly already decided that the Syrian government is responsible and views this incident as an opportunity to garner support both at home and abroad for some kind of military intervention.

The West’s hegemonic objectives when it comes to the region as a whole involves removing Syria as one element in the axis of resistance to those objectives. This has been clear from the beginning. With Syria as a pole of resistance both to the West’s geopolitical objectives and Israeli military domination removed, Hezbollah, a second part of this axis of resistance, would be significantly weakened. The major stumbling block to complete western domination of the region and its resources is, of course, Iran, which would be left isolated if both its close allies, Syria and Hezbollah, were defeated and/or destroyed.

There the kernel of conspiracy raises its ugly head and Israel finally gets a mention. The resistance that is under threat is the one that seeks to destroy Israel. The twisted little sister of anti-imperialism, anti-Zionism is the main motivation of Wight, a "prominent activist" in the nasty little sect in and around the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

According to the world view of these rabid anti-imperialists, Israel and its "settler" population (so called in order to de-humanise the Jewish population) are at the centre of "World Imperialism" and should it fall all international capitalism will falter. Absolute bollocks of course and an anti-Semites wet-dream.

Wight was also recently eulogising against the Gay Rights movement for daring to criticise homophobia in Russia led by one of his icons, Vladimir Putin. Socialist Unity is renowned (and not in a good way) for its slavishness towards the clerical fascists in Iran and elsewhere. Andy "Cardinal" Newman treats genocidal Islamist Yusuf Quardawi as a source of inspiration since he quotes him at length in his attacks on women's rights in the Muslim world as part of a campaign to witch-hunt secularists.

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Wight is in odd company with his support for Assad. The Syrian regime gave a guided tour to Nick Griffin and other European Nazis recently.  But then he is not the only one who seems to live in an odd little world. One of his supporters "SteveH" chips in:

The Syrian opposition, no doubt under orders, are inventing yet another chemical weapons attack to justify a Western led attack on the country, the opposition have not been able to win the streets so call in the gangsters. The scary thing is it is likely that the Syrian opposition will think nothing of using chemical weapons and then blaming it on the Assad regime, such is their degeneracy.
The West is getting desperate in it’s attempt to enter yet another war in this so called age of austerity, and a nice little chemical weapons attack they reckon will tip the balance, and allow them to carry out carnage and high criminality while occupying the moral high ground!
We all know how evil the West is. Like SteveH I live in fear of Cameron's secret police kicking the front door down and marching me off to the far away British Gulag in the Outer Hebrides.

Wight and his mates at the laughably named Socialist Unity use the excuse that Jihadists are fighting the Assad regime:

..a polyglot opposition increasingly made up of thousands of foreign funded jihadists from outside the country.

Of course that's true, but if we had acted at the beginning then perhaps the people of Syria who originally started the rebellion wouldn't have the growing problem of Islamists trying to hi-jack their demands for democracy.

Anti-imperialism and anti-Zionism in particular are the refuge of political charlatans and bigots usually seeking to replace their own lack of influence and inadequacies in the world by latching on to the struggles of others. Others like Galloway simply use false and hateful rhetoric to further their own egos, careers and fortunes.

Such people are an obstacle to individual liberty, freedom and peace and should be cast aside with no further adieu. 

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