Saturday, 31 August 2013

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Hypocrites over Syria:

The one-sided and totally misnamed Stop the War Coalition is holding a march against intervention in Syria today. In a statement issued this week the StWC complains:

The truth is that this latest plan is about intervening to reshape the Middle East in the strategic interests of the West.

What about Russian imperialism one has to ask? Without Russian intervention the Assad regime may even have fallen by now but as much as the StWC whine on the truth is Putin wishes to maintain a strategic naval base in Syria.  Marc Goldberg writing at Harry's Place:

The gathering of warships in close proximity to Israeli territorial waters continues and gives a frightening glimpse into the way that the Syrian civil war has succeeded in sucking in both regional and international powers. Thus far the US, Russian and French navies have a presence in the Eastern end of the Mediterranean. Our own Navy is looking rather shabby in comparison to supremely cutting edge quality of the warships sent by some of the Great Powers. Except for our diesel submarines of course, which may explain why the Russians have sent an anti-submarine vessel along with a missile cruiser into the region. They appear utterly determined to defend their base in the Syrian port of Tartu.

One has to ask why the Stop the War Campaign ignores Eastern Imperialism, remember China though not present in the region also stands by Syria.

British Syrians & Friends in Solidarity with the Syrian Revolution

Meanwhile some Syrian activists have been demonstrating against... the Stop the War Coalition. You can find their Face Book page here:

A few days ago I posted a video of George Galloway on Press TV talking about his "theory" that Israel gave the chemical weapons to al-Qaeda. He's been caught out.......


Following the raid on their headquarters in Keiv this week, FEMEN activists have launched protests outside Ukrainian embassies in Paris, Berlin, the Hague, Madrid and Brussels.

Further info: FEMEN

Trigger Warning: contains partial nudity.

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