Wednesday, 21 August 2013

FEMEN breaks up with Tunisian activist


FEMEN confirms its break with the Tunisian activist Amina Tyler because of differences of opinion on tactics in the Islamic countries.

  After the success of the campaign FREE Amina and Tyler's release from prison FEMEN views the intermediate mission as depleted.

  FEMEN believes the charges of Amina are inspired by her and today's conformist surroundings, at least they are dishonest in relation to the efforts that have been made for her release.

  It is regrettable that islamist statements of Amina heard on the background of antiislamist revolution played out in Tunisia through, including Amina's sekstremist actions in the past.

 FEMEN calls for new heroines who are able to fight for their courage to shake the rotten foundation of Islamist world.

  Freedom for women of the East!

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