Friday, 16 August 2013

No-one's asked your MP

HOPE Not Hate
Put your MP on the spotNick Lowles writes:
Last week we asked a few of our supporters to contact their local MP and ask them what they thought about the ‘Go Home’ advans and the seemingly random spot checks at London train stations by UK Border Agency staff. Our concern was that rather than genuinely dealing with the issue of ‘illegal immigration’ these initiatives were PR stunts to portray the Government as acting tough on immigration in order to head off support for UKIP.
We wanted to know what individual MPs thought of these initiatives and whether they would support them being rolled out across the country. Almost 600 MPs have now been contacted, but there are a few who have not. And your MP is one of them.
We have drafted a short letter which you can send to your MP
Simply fill in your name and postcode and click ‘send’ and the letter will go directly to your MP. It’s that simple and will only take a minute to complete.
By asking individual MPs to give their personal views we can see whether there is actually support for these initiatives and if there is we can ask them to explain why. If there is not support then we can try to stop these stunts being rolled out to other areas.
Please take a minute to ask your MP what they think 

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