Tuesday, 8 October 2013

South Korea: Stop the attempt to delegalise public sector unions

LabourStart appeal by Eric Lee

If your union allowed retired workers, or workers who were fired from their jobs, to be members -- would your government delegalise your union?

That's exactly what's happening in South Korea, where both the government employees union and the teachers' union face the imminent threat of deregistration.

The teachers have been given until October 23 to change their constitution or else face delegalisation.

This is a flagrant violation of international labour standards and  represents yet another attempt by the South Korean government to break public sector unions.

They will not succeed.

The Education International, representing teachers unions around the world, together with Public Services International, the International Trade Union Confederation and three Korean unions have called for a massive global online campaign of protest.

This is very urgent -- if we don't act, the Korean teachers will no longer have a legal trade union by October 23.

Please click here to send off your message today:


If you share this link with your friends, family and fellow union members on email, Twitter and Facebook, it will help spread the word.

Let's send thousands of messages today to the South Korean president and let's stop the attempt to crush public sector unions.

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