Saturday, 26 October 2013

Support the Saudi Women's Campaign to end the driving ban

Today Saudi women are taking part in a mass campaign of direct action to end the de facto driving ban on women. I had hoped to provide a link to their website but it has been hacked by Islamist extremists and is not available. The hacking message is in Arabic so I have no idea what they are are saying, but everyone should be aware of the views of these misogynist monsters.

The following article is cross posted from Saudiwoman's Weblog which is itself continued at Amnesty Livewire:

If there was one word to describe what it is like to be a Saudi woman, it would be the word patronizing. No matter how long you live, you remain a minor in the eyes of the government.

In Saudi Arabia we take patriarchy to the extreme. The fact that the culture, like many others around the world, is male-dominated is not the major challenge. The real challenge is that the government has allowed this patriarchy to dictate how it deals with citizens. 
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The BBC also reports this story: here 

Update from the New York Times

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