Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The well deserved discomfort of Andy Newman

The recent selection of Stalinist cheer leader and apologist for Islamism, Andy Newman as the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for Chippenham has finally been picked up by the national press in the form of the Daily Mail and the Sun (£).  Amongst the quotes the Mail uses to expose Newman's unsavoury politics include:

‘If we set to one side the issue of personal liberty, the [Berlin] wall was a great success.’

Has it been this that causes Andy Newman discomfort? No. In fact he has remained somewhat silent about the continuing criticism of his politics both across the web and other media, hoping no doubt that the current furore will blow over. Newman's main claim to "fame" has been the somewhat reviled website Socialist Unity.

As the media reports emerged on Sunday the headline article put up by his equally, if not more horrifying sidekick John Wight promoted the latest project by George Galloway, the funding and making of a documentary called "The killing of Tony Blair". The gorgeous one describes his planned work as "the mother of all documentaries" plagiarising the words of Saddam Hussein his long departed  and "indefatigable" friend and brutal dictator of Iraq.

The name of the documentary prompted a response from "Cardinal" Newman himself in the comments underneath:

I must admit some considerable discomfort over the title that George has given this project.

Oh dear. That won't go down well with the Labour Party leadership, especially when he's come under the spotlight about his views on the grand nature of the Soviet Union, East Germany and might they even notice his promotion of not just Galloway (who has his own competing political party, Respect) but also the Iranian clerical fascist Government?

Then there's the question of the pro-Assad line taken by his co-thinkers at Socialist Unity and his own rather sad attempt to present the reactionary cleric al-Qaradawi as some kind of moderniser in the Muslim world, despite them mans well documented pro-Hitlerite and genocidal views on the Jews. Mind you Ken Livingstone likes the backward thinking preacher so he's not alone in the darker recesses of the left.

One of the latest articles on line over at Socialist Unity is "In praise of Paul Robeson", a Communist Party member who writes (even after the exposures of Stalin's crimes against humanity):

...Colonial peoples today look to the Soviet Socialist Republics. They see how under the great Stalin millions like themselves have found a new life. They see that aided and guided by the example of the Soviet Union, led by their Mao Tse-tung, a new China adds its mighty power to the true and expanding socialist way of life. They see formerly semi-colonial Eastern European nations building new People's Democracies, based upon the people's power with the people shaping their own destinies. So much of this progress stems from the magnificent leadership, theoretical and practical, given by their friend Joseph Stalin.
They have sung - sing now and will sing his praise - in song and story. Slava - slava - slava - Stalin, Glory to Stalin. Forever will his name be honored and beloved in all lands.
In all spheres of modern life the influence of Stalin reaches wide and deep. From his last simply written but vastly discerning and comprehensive document, back through the years, his contributions to the science of our world society remain invaluable. One reverently speaks of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin - the shapers of humanity's richest present and future.
Praise the man indeed.  I would have thought Wights eulogy should cause Newman more discomfort but uncharacteristically he remains silent as he tries to pretend his conversion to mainstream Labourism is genuine urging the UK to remain in the EEC to "save jobs".

The Labour Party has been surprisingly lax in its' procedures allowing such an extremist to be selected by a clearly small and moribund local constituency party. It would be interesting to know who else was on the short list. Perhaps Andy himself would to elucidate us!

Andy Newman along with John Wight and the censorious Tony Collins seem to me to be a Trojan horse for the politics of Respect.

Lets remind ourselves of George Galloway's progressive thinking by listening to him plug the North Korean dictatorship on the Iranian Government sponsored Press TV:

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