Thursday, 31 October 2013

Stop Allowing Badger Slaughters In The UK!

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Despite evidence and public opposition, the government wants to continue its slaughter of badgers. These killings are senseless and costly, and won't actually control Tuberculosis!
Please sign the petition today!Tell The UK Parliament: Stop The Badger Culls!
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Right now, badger culls are taking place throughout the UK. In the past, however, several rounds of these culls have failed to lower TB in cattle. Are the two even related? The government seems to think so. That's why along with allowing cage-trapping, they are giving out licenses to shoot and gas these animals in an effort to stop TB in cattle.

These badger culls are not working. Tell members of Parliament to stop these killings.

Badger culls have been costly and only seem to be a distraction from finding real solutions, like improving vaccinations and cattle movement. But with the support of UK residents, biologists, and Care2 members like you, we can stop the government from extending these badger killings, so that they can finally move forward with other solutions.

Join us in taking this action today. Let Parliament know, these badger killings are useless and need to stop! 
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