Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The final nail in the coffin of the Socialist Workers Party

The following and quite disturbing comment was made on Facebook

"We believe comrades should know the position of comrade W: she has been severely damaged by the mishandling of the case and the fallout which followed. She came forward to the CC and DC trusting that her organisation would behave in a principled fashion. She has been hounded, isolated and ostracised. As a result, she has left the SWP and feels she has no choice but to leave the city she lives and studies in because she cannot bear constantly seeing or being afraid of seeing the comrades who have played a role in making her life so difficult."

I never again want anything to do with the people who let this happen. This was done by people who would go on to argue that their revolutionary morality and integrity was literally beyond questioning. Monsters.

You may also be interested in a thoughtful short essay published today by Jim Jepps:

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