Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Extremist finds himself picketed by competing extremists!

I had to laugh when I read John Wight's latest missive on the misnamed Socialist Unity website. Under the trailblazing headline Ultra left and far right come together to protest against George Galloway in Edinburgh he complains about the combination of the Radical Independence Campaign and the Scottish Defence League picketing George Galloway's public meeting in Edinburgh.

The RIC are a rather extreme version of Scottish nationalism and write of the "gorgeous one":

With the Scottish independence referendum less than nine months away, George Galloway is bringing his ‘Just Say Naw’ roadshow to Edinburgh’s Assembly Rooms on Monday February 3rd. A seat costs £10 a head – nothing comes cheap where ‘Gorgeous George’ is involved! 

...it has been all downhill for Galloway as a credible Left politician. His Westminster election victories, won on a Left populist mix of Islamic communalism and Old Labourism, leave nothing solid behind. He only held the Bethnal Green and Bow seat from 2005 until 2010, and, in 2015, will almost certainly lose the Bradford West seat he won in the 2012 by-election. In Galloway’s own mind, this has no doubt been largely compensated by his financial gains for being an MP (albeit mostly absentee), from earlier substantial libel awards, from good earnings on the celebrity speaker circuit and, of course, from his cringe-worthy performance on Celebrity Big Brother.

One indication of Galloway’s political decline, over the years, is the allies he now has in the ‘No’ campaign. The official Better Together/‘Project Fear’ leader, Alistair Darling, was New Labour’s Scottish Secretary in 2003. He gave his wholehearted support to the Iraq War. Tory leader, David Cameron, also backed the war. The Lib-Dems, then in opposition, briefly opposed the Iraq War, but today Clegg wants to commit British troops to Syria!

Nationalists complaining about "communualism" seemed odd to me, but its' a free country they can say what they want.

The SDL were there to complain about Galloway's links with "religious minorities" according to STV who went on to report that:

The two sides were held apart by police outside Edinburgh's Assembly Rooms, with Radical Independence taunting the SDL with "Nae Nazis" chants, and the SDL calling Mr Galloway "a traitor".

Galloway's ego was on form as the following quote illustrates:

Speaking ahead of his appearance, Mr Galloway said: "I would fancy being prime minister of Scotland but I would rather we had a real Labour prime minister of the whole of Britain.

By "real" of course he means some distorted version of Labour mixed with Islamo-fascism no doubt.

The whole evening must have been a festival of hate all round. 

Avoid the lot of them I say!

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