Thursday, 13 February 2014

Will the real Dave Spart stand up!

Readers of Private Eye will be familiar with the spoof character Dave Spart whose rants are legendary piss-takes of the rantings of the far left. Of course what most people forget is that there are real people like that in this world.

Today's trots tend to be somewhat boring, if still wild eyed and insane in their pursuit of the glorious revolution. And worrying at the same time, not just because of their inherent authoritarianism and wrecking tendencies where ever they get involved but mostly because they act as cheerleaders for the Islamists.

However, the "Professor" and his crew in the Socialist Workers Party, the remnants of the International Marxist Group in Socialist Resistance and even the Weekly Worker crowd all pale into insignificance compared to the past glories of the Spartacist League.

Being an old git I remember purchasing a copy of their first newspaper (see below) on some demo or another in my youth.

Unlike today's Trotskyists they have no time for the veil enforcing beheading medievalists that the extremes of Islam has produced in the twenty first century.

Trouble is they are err...somewhat barmy themselves.

The Sparts support North Korea's Nuclear weapons programme and think Iran needs the bomb for its fight against the Zionists (not so much a workers bomb as Gods bomb) whilst at the same time promoting the immoral activities of the NAMBLA organisation in the USA. A rather bizarre range of policies most ordinary workers would find abhorrent.

For those of you interested in the sectariana of the far left, the Spartacist Leagues material has been published as an on line archive which you can find here .

Reading their material will make you laugh out loud, cry and despair all at the same time. They still exist (albeit just) today, but haven't seemingly published any copy since last year which you can find on the website of the International Communist League, their international body.

I suppose not everyone can be "normal".

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