Monday, 10 March 2014

Lebanese women protest about domestic violence

Women's Day may be over but the struggle for women's rights continues world wide. On Saturday t that thousands of people had protested in favour of a law to outlaw domestic violence. Lebanon, despite its inherent sectarian politics and violence is still considered one of the more "liberal" countries in the Middle East.

The BBC reports:

The new bill has languished amid stiff opposition from religious figures.

There are no national statistics on domestic violence in Lebanon.

But campaigners say one woman is killed by her husband every month on average, while thousands are subjected to physical or verbal abuse every year.

Protests marched through the streets of the Lebanese capital on Saturday carrying posters reading "Break the silence", "We say no to abuse, do you?" and "Speak out. Stop domestic violence".

The proposed bill on domestic violence has polarised politicians, and was amended by parliament after lobbying from Lebanon's powerful religious establishment.

Many campaigners want the changes reversed so the bill focuses on women and includes a move to criminalise marital rape.

Shockingly we are told:

While there is no law against domestic violence, a rapist can escape punishment if he marries his victim.

So who exactly are the "religious authorities" opposing a law against domestic violence?

Al Monitor tells us exactly who:

On June 23, 2011, Dar al-Ifta, which is the religious Sunni authority in Lebanon, issued a statement reiterating the “unequivocal refusal of any draft law that violates the provisions of Islam under shiny titles, such as protection against violence.” The statement said that the law risks “disintegrating Muslim families in Lebanon and preventing children from being raised according to Islam, in addition to causing a conflict of competences between the concerned civil and Islamic courts.”

This statement came as a result of pressure from Sunni clerics who, days earlier, on April 17, 2011, staged a protest in opposition to the law on protecting women. The Islamic Association for Preachers, an organization of Sunni clerics in Lebanon, was the one calling for this protest.

During the protest, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Darwish Abu Qataa al-Naqshabandi delivered a speech calling for “dismissing the law from discussions, because it violates the sacredness of God and annuls Sharia provisions that humans have no opinion on.”

God or MEN, wizened old male bigots to be precise.

The following video explains the "Islamic" justification for beating women.

This video justifies murder in the name of "Islam" (by men that is).

Disgusting. No other word for it.

Women's Rights always come before Religious bigotry.
Abolish religious violence against women!

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