Saturday, 1 March 2014

Whoopi Goldberg on Uganda & Nigeria

The growth of homophobia across Christian majority countries in Africa should be of concern to everyone who believes in fundamental human rights.

The decision of the President of Uganda to pass into law a statute which allows for LIFE IMPRISONMENT for being gay is an affront to justice.

Nigeria has been "rounding up" gay activists, a phrase reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

This has to stop.

Gay men and women have rights to a free life to be who they are without fear of persecution or worse.

So who is behind this? Christian Evangelists according to this report from rfi news back in 2010:

Stephen Lewis, a former United Nations official who founded an NGO called Aids-Free World, says fundamentalist Christian churches in the US are stoking anti-gay sentiment across Africa.

He says the election of Barack Obama has sent them into retreat, depriving them of republican leaders to rally round.

"As they are in retreat they become more and more extreme," Lewis told RFI. "For whatever complex of reasons, they have established ties with small fundamentalist churches in Africa and they’re constantly sending money and sending the most outrageous and ugly materials around the violations of human rights. That is the new expression of colonialism."

Whoopi Goldberg has this to say:

“You let people come over to your country and make you believe an untruth. Gay people, black people, people people — we’re all human. We have all faced these issues. … We don’t put up with it any more in the United States because it’s wrong. It’s wrong for us. It’s wrong for you.”

Her full message is on the video below:

Hat tip: Erasing 76 Crimes

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