Sunday, 2 March 2014

Why is Chris Baugh afraid of an election in PCS?

When Chris Baugh found out he was not only to have an opponent in the election for PCS Assistant General Secretary, but also that (unlike last time, when he nearly lost the the then unknown Rob Bryson) his opponent was the very credible Lynda Priestley, President of the unions HMRC group, he visibly panicked.

As did his comrades in the Socialist Party (or Militant Tendency for older readers).

Since then the battle for nominations has turned somewhat unsavoury. Baugh has the backing of the main Left Unity/PCS Democrats faction which laughably calls itself the "Democracy Alliance". 

The shenanigans surrounding any branches that even dare to nominate Lynda are now becoming a visible threat to democracy in the PCS union. Take this note from Willie Samuel in the MyCSP Branch whose AGM was declared unconstitutional, though who did so is actually not been advised.

'I'm a simple PCS member these days. I hold no union positions these days.As such I submitted a nomination in accordance with the rules for Lynda to my Branch AGM. This was the ONLY nomination of any kind submitted. I arrived at my AGM to be told that the meeting had been deemed 'unconstitional' and would not take place. It would be rescheduled but not in time to allow national nominations. The reason given was that agendas for the meeting had not be distributed on time. I hold the local (and inexperienced) branch officers blameless here. I think it more likely that some attention was paid to my branch as I might be a possible source of one of the precious 15 nominations required to allow a contest to take place. 

My evidence? By a curious con-incidence you'll never guess who turned up at the meeting (and who was not scheduled to do so). Yes Mr Chris Baugh himself. I will be submitting a complaint, which will fail I am sure. But the whole thing stinks. I took the opportunity to ask Chris directly if he would agree that, despite the politics, it would be healthy to have an election. He sidestepped it by offering to come to a hustings, were there to be an election.'

Why is that politicians never answer a question?

So publicly Mr Baugh perhaps you would like to answer that question in the comments box below and advise as to any involvement you may or may not have had in the above events. 

Just asking some simple questions comrade. I await your answer in the same way we all wait for Godot.

Then there's the case of a Branch where because one PCS Rep was off sick apparently meaning a small group of members missed the AGM notice a similar attempt was made to stop the nomination.

I understand a prominent member of the Socialist Party on the NEC was involved in that one.

Perhaps the individual concerned would like to tell us their side of the story, especially since it wasn't your branch? Again just asking a question comrade. Feel free to put your answer below Mr Baugh's below.

You are both welcome to join in the public debate about democracy in PCS.

With so little facility time available to union reps as a result of both Government attacks and the incompetent leadership of PCS, its' hardly surprising that branches all over the country are having difficulties. I would imagine things have been far from perfect in a number of Left Unity dominated branches, but obviously the "Socialist Party" are not concerned about any errors on their side.

Just saying comrades. Those who throw stones in glass houses.......

For the sake of democracy in the union lets hope that this election does take place.

If it doesn't Chris Baugh will have no real mandate, no political credibility and frankly will be seen as more than a wee bit cowardly.

Socialist Party logo
As for the Trotskyist political cult of the Socialist Party it is clearly an enemy of democracy.

That's why they were kicked out of the Labour Party back in the eighties.

I write as someone who has previously been on the receiving end of one of their witch hunts. Expect there will be another one now.......

PCS members must reject Baugh and his undemocratic organisation. Now!


  1. Ironic really that Labour kicked out a grouping you would regard as "entryists" from the "hard left", only to be infiltrated successfully by Tories. Those who were regarded as being on the extreme right in Labour in the 80s, bordering on joining the SDP scabs, are now looking extreme left compared to the Tory reserve team occupying the green benches on behalf of the "Labour" Party. I will spoil my vote in the 2015 election as I've never voted Tory and won't start now, and neither could I support a party which would continue Tory policies.

    1. I don't agree with you on that, but I will be publishing a guest post by a Labour Party PPC come the Local Government/European Elections being held on May 22nd.

      Frankly since this post itself relates to PCS, I would have thought you would be more concerned with getting rid of Francis Maude and trying to restore Facility time to decent levels which would in my view only be possible under Labour.

      Dunno about you, but I am fast running out of time to do even Personal Case work, and do the rest at home, hence only a brief post tonight.

      I will be voting Labour.

  2. Unfortunately I live in an area with a Tory MP who stole £320,000 in the flipping scandal and was forced to repay £10,000 of wrongly claimed expenses and who before the last election said in the USA that this lot would make cuts that Thatcher could only ever dream of, and who (instead of being in the dock of the Old Bailey charged with theft and fraud like he should be) is a minister who uses the office microwave to heat the cushion for his mutt.

    As for respresentation, I'm no longer working in the service but studying for a law degree. I agree that the cuts to facility time are a disgrace and the workload was already heavy enough with work being done at home even before the cuts.

  3. My MPs majority is nearly 30,000 unfortunately.