Saturday, 29 March 2014

Time to stand up against Islamic extremism!

A spectre is haunting Europe, Marx once wrote, but he was referring to the now long discredited virtually dead ideology of Communism. Other than in the prison camp known as North Korea or the decaying states of Cuba & Venezuela and the minds of a number of increasingly irrelevant sects in the West, such ideas have been pushed aside in favour of secular democracy.

However new threats inevitably arise and one that has certainly come to the fore since the burning of the Satanic Verses is political Islam. Islamic extremists are nothing new, existing back in the early days of Islam itself, they have raised their ugly heads at various times in history.

According to Marx's still existing disciples, Islamism is a reaction to Western imperialism which is why various and competing remnants of the far left give such uncritical succour to such movements. They ignore the more barbarous elements of Islamism, such as anti-Semitism (see here ), women's rights, gay rights, hell human rights full stop!

They also show ignorance of the history and development of Islam, which has always been a supremacist cult as their treatment of non-Muslims has always shown. This before the age of colonialism that the comrades always bark on about.

This medieval mind set still exists as the following video clearly shows. If we decline to be converted to the "one true faith" and retain our own ideas then we can only be protected by paying a tax. If we fail to pay we are clearly not only "unprotected" we are at risk. Sounds more like a protection racket to me.

Islamism is clearly gangsterism.

Today's issue of The Times carries two pertinent stories relating to Islamism that should be of concern. The first tells of the Taliban making threats to kill anyone who votes. So much for the religion of peace.
The second relates to issuing of a death sentence on Sawan Nasih  (a Christian) for so-called blasphemy. According to the Times:

Mr Nasih says he was falsely accused as part of a plot by local businessmen to push Christians off valuable land. "They contrived a case and got it filed by a person close to me. I am innocent" he said. He is to appeal.

So much for Islamic "protection". Just more gangsterism.

Besides there is no god in this writers opinion so blasphemy laws are an insult to humanity.

But there is worse. I often refer to medievalism in the Islamist mind, but this guy in the following video is just sheer stone age in his opinions. Even the interviewer  is obviously seriously getting pissed of with this Salafi idiot.

He wants to destroy the Pyramids, the Sphinx and all the other historical artifacts in Egypt. This "Sheik" justified the destruction of the giant Buddha statues by the Taliban on the grounds they were "worshipped" by 800 million people across Asia.

Sheer criminal savagery no other words for it.

There are millions of ordinary Muslims in places like Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey and beyond who put their lives at risk by defying the Islamists and their political regimes, yet in the West we seemingly cower at anything remotely deemed "Islamophobic".

Enough is enough. The Islamic agenda is on the rise through imposed segregation in British Universities and pushing forward the agenda of Sharia Law in the UK.

All our rights are constantly at risk if we do not stand up to this creeping religious authoritarianism.

Defend secular democracy! Human rights for all!

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Sign this petition against Sharia Wills now!: HERE

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