Thursday, 6 March 2014

PCS: A Very Trotskyist Coup

Politics is, and always has been a dirty game.

Trade unions are not exempt as was seen in recent campaign to get nominations for PCS Assistant General Secretary.

When the Socialist Party found out its' boy Chris Baugh was to face opposition in the form of Independent Lynda Priestley, the order was sent out to stop her at all costs.

The Trotskyists and their allies have succeeded.

It was always going to be difficult to get an "opposition" candidate on the ballot paper due to her late entry. However the union has never seen such an underhanded and anti-democratic campaign as then took place across the union. I recently reported on some of the shenanigans that took place.

Just some I might add.

The actions of the so-called Left would have put Barry Reamsbottom's oft quoted "coup" to shame.

Constitutional rulings along with other acts against democracy openly embarrassed even some of their own supporters.

There was never any doubt that Baugh would get on the ballot paper so members need to ask themselves questions about why so much effort was placed on interfering in branches where his opponent may get support.

Fear of an election. Baugh nearly lost last time and faced a very strong candidate had she got on the ballot paper.

This shows a contempt not for any opposition in PCS, but of the members too.

So over anxious to proclaim "victory" they released  the statement below proclaiming Baugh was re-elected. They told Lynda she would find out details tomorrow. Not even the basic courtesy of telling her the formal result.

The PCS website has announced:

Chris Baugh re-elected as assistant general secretary

At the close of nominations today Chris Baugh had been successfully nominated as a candidate in the election for assistant general secretary. No other nominee had received the required number of branch nominations and consequently Chris has been re-elected as assistant general secretary. A full report will be issued to branches in due course.

However there are only losers in this shabby affair, the main ones being the members who have been denied an open election.

Baugh and his comrades should be ashamed of themselves.

But as we have seen over these past weeks they have no shame.

Full stop.

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