Tuesday, 5 May 2015

A parliamentary enquiry into George Galloway's underpants?

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As regular readers will know I am no fan of George Galloway who I find somewhat "unsavoury" for want of a better expression and one that won't see him reaching for his lawyers as he is one of those people who loves to dish it out but doesn't like it when people bite back.

But today's news just had me in fits of laughter.

The "litigious" one is in trouble (again) and of all things it involves his underpants.

According to a report in The Times (no link£):

A former aide to George Galloway has claimed she spent just a quarter of her time on his parliamentary duties.

Aisha Ali-Khan said she was kept busy running errands, buying his underpants, helping with his wedding arrangements and working for his political and charitable interests.

She has lodged an official complaint alleging that he paid her public money to pursue his private agenda during her working day. She said she spent most of her time working for the Respect party, for the Viva Palestina charity and doing chores for him.

Her solicitors have now lodged a complaint to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority .

Since public funds should not be spent on staff carrying out party tasks a decision now has to be made on whether to hold a formal enquiry.

How large Galloway's underpants will feature in this depends on the amusement value it carries in the media.

Personally I think the faithful have a right to know.

Not sure why, but there you have it.

Are underpants a matter for Respect?

Where's Ian Hislop when you need him.......

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