Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Equality includes white people and even Jews....

The Eurovision semi-finals opened tonight with a song by the bearded woman Conchita which won the contest last year. Despite all the bad things people say about Eurovision it's platform for the diverse has proved lasting over the years. Remember the trans gender Dana International from Israel who also won way back in 1998. Gosh was it that long ago.

Yet equality still remains to be fought for. In the news today The Times (no link £) reported:

The pub chain Whetherspoon faces a bill of nearly £1 million after being found guilty to have racially discriminated against a group of gypsies and travellers by barring them entry to one of it's pubs.

In a landmark ruling, a judge has held that a group in the Irish traveller community were directly discriminated against when turned away from the premises and awarded them damages.

Meanwhile the BBC reports:

A judge has ruled that a Christian-run bakery discriminated against a gay customer by refusing to make a cake with a pro-gay marriage slogan.

Ashers Baking Company, based in County Antrim, was taken to court by gay rights activist Gareth Lee.

A Belfast judge said, as a business, Ashers was not exempt from discrimination law.

Both stories are a blow against bigots.

However there remain some disturbing instances of problems growing elsewhere. The growth of anti-Semitism both here and across Europe has been fuelled by the growth of radical Islam, which seems to have managed to exempt itself from such civilised niceties as "equality" and are defended by the "anti-imperialist" brigade and their ilk such as the moron who is the "Equality" Officer in Goldsmiths Student Union.

The News Shopper enlightens  us:

A welfare and diversity officer caught up in a racism row could potentially lose her job for tweeting the words “kill all white men” and calling people “white trash”.

Goldsmiths University's officer, Bahar Mustafa has been at the centre of a media storm after banning white men from an event on diversifying the curriculum and stating on camera ethnic minority women cannot be racist.
Apparently she's trying to write it off as a joke. Yeah right tweeting #killpeople (of any kind) is not a joke.

Imagine the furore if some one tweeted that about black/brown/gay/women.... don't think anyone would be laughing. It's not funny and the woman is a disgrace as are her twisted supporters.

Non-white people can be racist!

The far-left and the far-right seem to meeting up in so many ways.

People are people. Everyone has rights. Everyone has responsibilities.

The future depends on full equality of the individual free from political and religious oppression.

Meanwhile here is Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät a group of (white men) from Finland with learning difficulties singing in Eurovision song contest.

Good for them. And good luck!

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