Thursday, 28 May 2015

FIFA: It's all the Jews, I mean Zionists fault....

 Stop the War Coalition

The arrest of a number of FIFA executives has been at the forefront of the news over the last couple of days or so. I don't follow football but lots of people do and it seems that these revelations come as no surprise. Playing football in the middle of one of the hottest parts of the world in Qatar? Seems odd even to an outsider like me. Backhanders? Seems unsurprising, though the figures involved are mind boggling to us ordinary folk on a "normal" wage and struggling.

Yet here we are. Corruption, fraud and backhanders passing between the rich.

The Swiss one of the most ardently neutral countries in the world have nicked these men and we all await a trial. It'll make the MP's expenses scandal look like peanuts in comparison.

Meanwhile readers might remember this charming chap back in 2011. The Times of Israel reminds us that:

Ex vice president of world soccer body Jack Warner, arrested as part of massive raid Wednesday, previously pointed finger at Israel after bribery scandal with Qatari official.

Former FIFA vice president Jack Warner, arrested in Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday on bribery charges as part of a massive bust of top soccer officials, previously blamed “Zionism” for a bribery scandal which saw him forced from the world soccer body in 2011.

Warner surrendered to authorities late Wednesday in his native Trinidad and Tobago after his name appeared on a list of nine current or former FIFA officials and five business executives who “abused their positions of trust to acquire millions of dollars in bribes and kickbacks,” according to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Nothing to do with anything he might have done. Just blame the Jews Zionists.

He's not alone in this as unsurprisingly the anti-imperialist brigade through the laughingly named Stop the War Coalition have seemingly been reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a Tsarist secret police forgery lets not forget) and have declared on their website:

The FIFA corruption crisis came just as its annual congress was due to debate a motion calling for Israel to be suspended from world football.

The corruption is "convenient" for Israel apparently as the well known collection of despots, dictators and other nasty regimes gang up to try and suspend Israel from FIFA. 

Only Israel of course. Never mind trying to reach a peaceful solution. Only the Palestinians suffer no one else. There's not even racism amongst these high and mighty coalition of countries that of course do not discriminate against women or gays, certainly don't oppress human rights, fix elections (when they bother) or commit genocide against their own minorities..

Lets not mention Tibet or the Kurds or the Baha'i or the Copts or....

No it's just Israel.

Just the Jews Zionists.

No matter what the problem just blame it on the Jews Zionists

What do another 6 Million matter to the anti-imperialists and their reactionary friends. Capitalism is of course just a  International Jewish Zionist conspiracy.

After all Adolf did warn us.., mein kamerads....

The far left IS the new far right.
Update: The StWC website has edited it's article since my post was written. It seems the comrades can be shamed but their true faces have been exposed.

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