Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fighting talk from a failing union

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Despite facing a severe financial and membership crisis the PCS union still continues to "talk the talk" despite it's obvious decline. In his usual bombastic fashion General Secretary Mark Serwotka has been trying to urge other unions to "fight like never before". The BBC reports:

The leader of the biggest civil service union has urged trade unions to join forces to head off attacks from the new Conservative government.

"We don't have to accept defeat as an inevitable state of affairs for the next five years," Mark Serwotka told the PCS union annual conference.

Mr Serwotka said members should oppose spending cuts and the expected attacks on pensions and public sector pay.

"We need to be prepared to fight like never before," he added.

Trouble is this "fighting talk has very little to back it up and the union is losing "thousands upon thousands of members" even according to it's own "Dear leader".

Referring to the failed Pensions strikes back in 2011 Serwotka fails to mention how under his and the Socialist party's leadership PCS became increasingly isolated, even to the point of antagonising the other unions.

Unable to deliver a promised takeover to Len McCluskey last year, the Unite delegation stormed out of the observers gallery. Although talk of mergers has fallen by the wayside, it's clear an increasingly desperate PCS leadership has tried to keep the option open.

Unable even to finance the usual annual election, the leadership remains in charge for another year presiding over a continuing decline in fortunes. 

With around a quarter of members leaving through not signing up or joining other unions, the ability of PCS to take action will involve the usual round of one day token strikes, with each one receiving less and less support as has been the pattern under Serwotka's failed leadership.

And he has only himself and his Socialist Party allies to blame.

Despite the other unions working for a Labour victory to precisely prevent the further attacks we are now facing, Serwotka and his cronies were having their second (failed) attempt to "build the alternative. The Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition managed to get a grand 35,000 votes and was rightly ignored by the working class they pretend to represent.

A huge wasted effort that would have been better put elsewhere.

Exactly what PCS did last time round and failed to learn from their folly.

Members deserve better.

A better union.

In the workplace where unions are needed, PCS's influence is negligible. Only hard working local reps keep the remaining members mainly through personal case work.

And the leaderships misinformation and bluster.

The time has come for members and decent reps to make the necessary break with past, leave the Trots behind and move to where there are better prospects for the future.

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