Monday, 11 May 2015

George Galloway and other conspiracy theories

When George Galloway said at the count on election night that he was "going to plan his next campaign", most observers thought he referred to a bid for Mayor of London.

However it turns out he's gone to his lawyers... again.

Now he wants the election result in Bradford West overturned.

As if it was close.

Galloway has finally lost it. So ego-centric was he that Respect actually held a "victory parade" through the streets before the result was declared. No wonder he looked so po-faced at the count.

Galloway ran one of the most vicious campaigns seen since Peter Tatchell stood in Bermondsey back in the eighties against his Liberal opponent. His tweets about "Zionists" being pleased about the possible election of Naz Shah were absurd and a down right falsehood. In fact Ms Shah is a well known supporter of the Palestinian cause.

And a women's activist.

The sight of Galloway's agents rummaging around Pakistan to "dig for dirt" and then to declare that Ms Shah was 16 not 15 when forced into an abusive marriage beggars belief. As if a year makes any bloody difference.

The words "forced" and "abusive" are the clue George.

Still I expect this nonsense from the preening one but what disturbs me is the rest of the garbage I'm seeing on the Internet. The anarchists in V for Vendetta masks are claiming the graffiti that appeared on the Women's Monument was the work of an undercover policemen.

Do get a life.

And there's idiots out there lapping this up like asylum inmates.

Plenty of them.

Even on the Labour Party Forum I belong to. Conspiracy videos are appearing with some of the more deranged "comrades" claiming it's all a fix. The election was stolen. 200,000 votes were faked.

No evidence just re-posting some nonsense posted elsewhere on the World Wide Web as if everything you want to hear (except the obvious truth) is real.

The Internet can be a useful tool for both education and debate, but it can also fuel ignorance. Fiction so easily becomes "fact" because someone said it somewhere on the web.

(Insert ancient Anglo-Saxon word eight letters)

The only way forward is to sit down think for a period, consider realistic options, debate and go out and build a rational alternative for the 21st Century.

To pander to irrationality and ignorance will only discredit the forces of reason and the Tories will prevail again and again.

Your choice people.

Be part of the solution not part of the problem.


And for no other reason than this song came to mind when I heard about Galloway's latest atrocity here's an old Scottish number (of sorts):


  1. Howard. It was Simon Hughes who stood against Peter Tatchell, the Labour candidate. Aside from that,call present and correct!

  2. Thanks Steve I didn't proof read properly so have corrected the piece. Shalom!

  3. Little-known fact: the late Benny Green (Daily Mirror columnist, PG Wodehouse expert and all round renaissance man) was a member of Lord Rockingham's XI (he was a pro tenor sax player at the time).