Monday, 9 October 2017

Anne Marie Waters splits from UKIP

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Following the recent internal leadership election the runner up Anne Marie Waters has announced the foundation of a new political party. In a You Tube message to her supporter she attacks new party leader Henry Bolton and Nigel Farage for running to the media falsely accusing her of being a "racist" and a Nazi".

Breibart News continues:

She also hit out at new UKIP leader Henry Bolton, remarking his desire to sit down and discuss Islamism with the Muslim community is “capitulation”.

Calling for excitement and honesty in British politics, Waters said: “I will keep fighting so that British children can feel proud of themselves again… so that the working class can have a voice again. You can be certain of one thing — I am not going away, and I will still be fighting Islam and the enormous threat it poses.

Photo: CC by SA

Anne Marie Waters originated out of the secular movement and was once involved in not just the One Law for All campaign but sought adoption as a Labour candidate until driven out by the left who accused her of Islamophobia.

(see Anne Marie Waters resigns from Labour).

The new party will attempt to compete with both UKIP and Labour.

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