Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hatemongers at the heart of Labour

The Labour Party recently passed a resolution condemning anti-Semitism. Much was made of the overwhelming support it got from all sections of the party, though there was opposition and Len McCluskey remained in denial having "never seen it" and immediately affiliating to the so-called "Jewish Vioce for Labour" group which included a Holocaust Deniers amongst it's speakers at a conference fringe meeting.

Nothing to see there then Len....

The amount of outright anti-Semitism (or racism as it should really be called)  that appears on line is frightening and it's not just from Islamist Hate Preachers or Neo- Nazi's. It's on Labour Party forums. One called The Labour Party Forum is one of the largest Corbyn supporting networks which along with the similarly named Labour Party Forum have had posts removed by Facebook administrators after protests and complaints by both Jews and other Labour Party members.

Both groups were found to be hosting material that "breached Facebooks Community Standards". Such action has been a long time coming and these forums along with their administrators should be investigated and held accountable to the Labour Party. It won't because Labour has been hijacked by the far-left along with the wild eyed newbies who see Corbyn as a "messiah".

The far left has shown how easily anti-Zionism turns into anti-Semitism and why both should be treated with contempt.

Meanwhile not all is well within the far-left camp. The admins of the Nye Bevan Facebook Page have resigned issuing the following statement which makes interesting reading.

This is the single most disappointing thing I have ever had to write for this page or this movement. For now at least, it will also be the last. Ive never turned a blind eye to bullies, and I refuse to start now simply because the perpetrators claim to be "on the Left."

When the purge happened last summer, we helped the membership of the Labour party deal with the problem, by drafting and disseminating a data protection request email with the Labour legal team's email address, as well as Iain McNichol's. As a data holder, the Labour Party compliance unit was legally obliged to deal with these requests before carrying out an internal purge of its members. We also helped counteract the £25 poll tax by setting up a hardship fund to help comrades pay their food/phone/electric/heating bills.

In recent times it has been made abundantly clear to us that we are no longer welcome "on the Left" it would seem - this notion is being pushed in all of your names according to a certain faction on the left who seem to think that Jaqueline Walker and her coterie of acolytes should be allowed to bully and dog pile anyone guilty of wrongthink online, as well as her ally, 'we support jeremy corbyn' group admin James Craigie, who made a man convicted of sexually assaulting a woman an admin on the largest pro Corbyn facebook forum online and has yet to acknowledge what an horrendous mistake that was.

Together these admins and their friends are banning our posts from groups whilst allowing David Icke content in as punishment for our "treachery". We ve been accused of working for Mossad (no jokes), despite the fact we were one of the first to defend the wider membership from the weaponised and unjustified accusations of antisemitism they were facing.

As our page founder and former editor I felt duty bound to call these behaviour patterns out, and ever since have received daily harassment and abuse from this very toxic faction who claim to represent the whole left. Unsolicited threatening correspondence at 2:30 in the morning, threats to make false statements to the police on the basis of edited screenshots, veiled threats to my person and more.

So it is with great sadness that as of tomorrow we, the entire original team, will be stepping down from leading the editorial content on this page in protest against these people, to highlight how dangerous, damaging and toxic they are. We ve worked very hard for this movement for two years and frankly, we.dont deserve this treatment, nor will we tolerate it or turn a blind eye.

We refuse to be associated with these people and their choices and we reject their claim to speak for us as left wingers - people who as far as we can see did absolutely nothing to stop the purge, and seem interested only in shameless self promotion, bullying of dissenting Labour Party members and lying, smearing and blocking their way across the internet. These people are a cancer to Labour's electoral chances.

To replace us we've invited lots of editors from across the spectrum of the Left who will from now on use this page to promote their own content - but it's no longer tenable for us to keep going under present circumstances. One of our founders and editors suffered a nervous breakdown after the unsolicited attention they received whilst working on this project. It's a price that is far too high, it is a price forced on us by the James Craigies and Jaqueline Walkers of this movement.

The hate at the centre of Labour is growing. Even the traditional Labour left are getting attacked. Corbyn and his supporters have changed the party beyond recognition. The only task will be to keep him and cronies out of power until Labour is restored as a democratic socialist party or, though just as unlikely for the moment is a new political party. The conditions for neither currently exist, but those interested in social democracy must remain prepared to grasp the moment when it comes.


  1. Unbelievable how a small? but growing faction of the Labour Party have turned to hate mongering – harassing, threatening and abusing not only Jewish members and population but also others in the Party who support the Jewish community. From what I know about British history, Labor used to support Jewish rights and was against anti-Semitism. What happened? Have there always been people like this in Labour, and in the past few years they have grown bolder? I recently clicked on the comments of a news article and was really shocked to see the amount and level of hatred and anti-Semitic responses.

  2. This is why my wife and I left the Labour Party.

    A party of toleration and anti-racism has turned into one where Jews are seen as the enemy. After 35+ years a Labour Party member I could not stand the bigotry and hatred any more.

    If you do not tow the line of the ‘left’ you are out. Labour = the nasty party, how sad,