Sunday, 22 October 2017

Censorship: A Word!

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The growth of what has been referred to as the "snowflake" brigade in both American & British Universities over the last few years has caused much derision and frankly laughter as these foolish people close their ears and minds to ideas which differ from their own. Trouble is they are quite capable within the student movement of stopping others who might wish to listen and learn the wide variety of views that exist on a multiplicity of subjects.

The censorship movement has arrived and they call it "no platforming".

As someone who was a student activist way back in the seventies I remember all to well the original "No Platform" movement. It was specifically aimed at the rise of the National Front (and similar organisations) as their electoral support grew to over 100,000 votes in London alone if I recall correctly. They also had their thugs on the streets. Preventing the rise of theis outright Nazi organisation was a priority for many of us.

Black & white we fought together to keep the fascists off the streets.

That was then.

Now the new student movement sees fascism and oppression in every corner. They ban the like of Germaine Greer for daring to have the view that Transgender women are not biologically women even though she supports their rights not to be discriminated against. Maryam Namazie an Iranian exile and ex-Muslim is attacked for "Islamophobia" because she dares to criticise the backwards theology Islam represents, let alone the fact she is an atheist.

These are points of view and frankly both women are from the left. Ms Namazie is actually a member of one of the Iranian Communist Parties. Hardly the sort of people you'd think would be a threat to students. Yet both have hate campaigns run against them by Trans activists and Islamists in conjunction with the new student left.

These censorious students have created so-called "safe spaces" where ideas other than their sanctioned ones are banned.

Last week The Times reported that:

Jo Johnson the universities minister, said that any (university) that failed to protect freedom of speech could be fined, suspended or deregistered  by the new Office for Students (OfS). 

Free speech is under attack. And the supposed "left" is either responsible or complicit in these attacks on our basic rights.

Everything and anything that dares to go against the new hegemony is some kind of phobia. Islamophobia is now being replaced as the main complaint be "Transphobia". Criticism dare not raise it's head. Womens' organizations have belatedly learned that their gender is being pushed aside aside as even the term "pregnant women" is now under threat. britain seeks to replace the term with "pregnant people".

Reason is being cast aside in a general dumbing down of intellectual intercourse in favour of knowledge and truth being imposed by the activist clique. Can't even call it "Big Brother" for fear of being guilty of some kind of "ism".

But after all as some right on middle class activist told me on a supposedly moderate Labour forum I'm just a white hetrosexual male. So no right to an opinion on anything.

Therein lies the problem.

Unless you agree with the current line of thought you are the oppressor.........

One word: Bollocks.


  1. ‘Pregnant people’: I laughed my socks when I read that bollocks in The Sunday Times this morning.

    PC madness.

  2. Cannot believe women and other people like Germaine Greer and Maryam Namazie are banned from speaking and have been shouted down,harassed and threatened! Yes, this is PC gone mad. I'm for transgender rights but terms like 'pregnant people' and some other demands that the trans community want are ridiculous and idiotic. Same goes for this "snowflake" generation. If you think it's bad here in the UK, you should check out those so-called bastions of liberalism like Berkeley and Columbia universities in the US. Alma Mater is surely shaking her head.