Sunday, 8 October 2017

No sex please we're British?

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The drive for gender neutrality seems to be creeping into every aspect of our lives at the moment. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has proposed that the question of sex (that's male or female not frequency) will become a voluntary question when the next Census is run in 2021.

Given the whole idea of a census is to find out about the country in order to develop social policy this idea seems mad in itself. Feminists like Germaine Greer fear it is an attack on the notion of a biological female sex and she has a point. 

Men may change their bodies but biologically they are not women and many women, rightly or wrongly see the Trans-movement as an invasion of their space. Identity politics seems to have caught hold of so many of our policy makers.

That people should be free to choose how they live is a notion the majority of people would concur with. However there remains the question of how far society should go to accommodate the needs of any minority let alone the ever growing varieties of gender identification and rejection.

Biologically there remain two sexes. The majority of people will fit in such definitions. Gender is a separate question I keep being told and am open to argument but sometimes such movements go too far. Removing the question of "Sex" as a compulsory question will distort statistics at a time when they are needed. 

Germany has seen an influx of immigration that is very much male dominated to the point where it is likely to cause problems for the future regardless of any cultural or religious differences. There are to put it bluntly now too many men in Germany.

It's not clear where the driving force is for this so-called "diversity" agenda is coming from. It's certainly not from the ordinary voter.

Meanwhile one of the transgender charities has been banned by the High Court from any contact with a family where the mother had forced her seven year old son to live as a girl, The Sunday Times reported:

Mr Justice Hayden removed the seven year old boy from his mother after finding she had caused him "significant emotional harm" and had pressed him into a gender identification that had far more to do with his mother's needs and little if anything, to do with his own.

The boy is now living with his father and has apparently quite happily "asserted" his masculinity.

The transgender group Mermaids had "insisted" that the boy had wanted to be a girl. Obviously not.

How many other children are being abused in this way? Because abuse it is. 

The time has come to sit back and look at the effect  that these activists are having on not just children but the vulnerable.  

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