Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Momentums Misogynist MP

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Photo: By Chris McAndrew

One of Jeremy Corbyn's acolytes has got himself into the spotlight with some rather unsavoury on-line posts and comments from his younger days. Involving homophobia and a desire for an orgy with some girl band has put him and the Labour Party into some disrepute we are told. Now he was rather younger when these comments were made and he has admitted to going on a "bit of a journey" over the years.

Trouble is more is coming to light.

A more recent accusation has been made about his behaviour outside a night club which is currently under investigation but more worryingly Guido Fawkes reports:

Writing about a football match against Spain, O’Mara wrote: “Let’s beat the Dagos”. Then, speaking to a Danish user, he wrote: “I might be a ‘ginge’ but at least I don’t practice bestiality like all you Danes! Up yours with Brass nobs on, pig shagger!”.

Rather charming fellow it seems.

Trouble is his propensity for bigotry has not gone away. It seems he has journeyed to join in the far-left's obsession with the world's only Jewish state:

Labour Against Anti-Semitism issued the following statement:

While it is bewildering that Jared O’Mara was even allowed to become a prospective parliamentary candidate by the Labour Party, it is unsurprising that along with his misogynist and homophobic views Mr O’Mara is also a ‘far-left Israel obsessive’.

So far, 50% of O’Mara’s parliamentary questions have been on topics relating to Israel and Palestine. We wish Mr O’Mara had spent more time in the House representing the issues of his constituents, rather than obsessing over Israel.

The Jewish Chronicle also discovered a photo of Mr O’Mara posing with representatives from the Palestinian Return Centre who, according to the Jewish Chronicle, ‘said they had briefed the MP “about the plight of the Palestinian people”.

While Mr O’Mara has apologised and resigned from the women and equalities committee, his views and actions are still deeply concerning. Labour Against Antisemitism are very concerned about the vetting process Mr O’Mara went through before selection. Whether his views were unknown beforehand, or they were known but were ignored, the appropriate action has not been taken.

There has to be absolute zero tolerance from the Labour Party. In this case, whatever measures were in place have failed. We, as a party, must do far better in future.

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  1. What a wonderful poster boy for Momentum and the now too-far left, looney tunes, hateful Labour Party. And he was on the Women And Equalities Committee! Whose bright idea was that? Like putting a fox in the henhouse.