Thursday, 16 January 2014

Colombia: More trade unionists beaten and killed - urgent action needed

Eric Lee of LabourStart writes:

Óscar Arturo Orozco, a trade unionist in Colombia, is President of the Caldas branch of the Confederación Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT).

He was recently brutally attacked while attending a peaceful demonstration, and is currently in hospital in a very serious condition.

IndustriALL global union have launched a major global online protest campaign demanding an end to the attacks against trade unionists. Please take a moment to send your message:

Meanwhile, other Colombian trade union leaders have been murdered.

Most recently we've learned about Ever Luis Marín Rolong, a regional leader of the SINALTRACEBA brewery workers union who was murdered on January 4 by unknown gunmen who fired six times at him, as he was waiting for a bus in the town of Soledad.

The IUF has just launched an online protest campaign demanding an end to the murders and for the government to ensure the security of trade unionists at risk:

I don't normally ask you to support two campaigns on the same day, but in this case I think it's so important that I have to ask.

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