Friday, 10 January 2014

Extremists jump on the Duggan bandwagon

The outcome of the enquiry into the police shooting of Mark Duggan was bound to cause some controversy if it didn't go the way that his family and their supporters wanted it to. As The Times reports:

Riot squads will be on standby for days after a jury found yesterday that the police lawfully killed the alleged gangster whose death prompted Britain's worst public violence in a generation..... the inquest ended with extraordinary scenes of anger.

Friends of the dead man lunged at jurors and issued threats while Duggans aunt punched a fist in the air outside court as she claimed her nephew was the victim of a police "execution".

So bad were the death threats that the Judge has issued a court order allowing permanent anonymity for the jurors, and they have been afforded special police protection.

Hardly the actions of the law abiding family and friends that their supporters would have us believe.

The far-left have decided that this, just like the riots that erupted shortly after when criminal gangs looted, robbed and even murdered their way around London and elsewhere is a tool that they can use to promote their politics of hate.

Firstly lets just remind ourselves of the reason this all started in the first place. The Times recalls:

The father of five had collected a gun when the taxi he was travelling in was stopped by the police..

A gun. The man who supplied this weapon has already been convicted and is serving a well deserved sentence for his crime.

Guns kill. Owning them (without a licence) and carrying them around is a crime. These weapons are a danger to the vast majority of ordinary law abiding people in this country.

Regardless of which "community" they belong to.

Criminals exist in all communities no matter what their race, religion or colour and the police exist to protect us all from these people.

However criminality is no problem for the Marxists, Trotskyists and their ilk. "Capitalism's to blame" in their deranged view of the world, so their jumping on the Duggan "campaign" bandwagon is hardly surprising.

The Socialist Workers Party were first to get in on the act and a report appeared on their website in which they claimed there was "anger and defiance" over the issue, even offering their own forensic report, the irony of which struck me given their inability to administer justice within their own organisation. Comrade "delta" anyone?

The SWP are not to be trusted on anything.

Of course they were not alone in taking up the Duggan issue. The Socialist Party has also stuck its awe in stating that:

The verdict has rocked his family and caused anger across communities.
....workers and young people across Tottenham have expressed to the press and to Socialist Party members their anger at the verdict - though many admit to not being surprised that the justice system has once again failed a young black man.

Despite the fact Duggan had purchased a gun they claim there is no evidence of gangsterism. 

The Socialist Party have even organised a public meeting under the auspices of their electoral front the Trade Union and Socialist Campaign with Duggan's aunt as a speaker in the hope they will get a few extra votes out of this.

Both the SWP and the Socialist Party will be joining the vigil along with other Trotskyist parasites tomorrow. Lets hope this is at least peaceful and that the all to obvious criminal elements do not seek to take advantage again.

Disgracefully the so-called South London Anti-fascist campaign tries to give politcal cover for the rioters:

Behind this pressure is the memory of the riots that followed Mark Duggan’s death: then, the left condemned the thousands of young people, many of colour, who took to the streets in defiance of state violence and repression. The police force they fought then, and the courts that so brutally and disproportionately punished them in the weeks that followed, do not exist to protect them or their interests. They are more than aware that the criminal justice system is a form of state violence against them: they are living that reality.

Nothing to do then with protecting the vast majority of citizens (of all colours, races and religions) who work hard and fear the criminals who rob, burn and murder for personal gain.

The rioters were criminals, not potential revolutionaries. 

Makes you wonder what planet some of these "comrades" live on.

Except we know, on Planet Trotsky everyone is a pawn to sacrificed for the bigger cause.

These people are political criminals.

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