Saturday, 4 January 2014

Petition: Support Mother's Right Not to Circumcise Her Child

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An Israeli religious court has fined a woman for refusing to circumcise her infant son. But parents should have the right to make choices that they believe are right for their children.

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Circumcision is an extremely personal decision that parents should be able to undertake privately. It's certainly not a choice that should be mandated in a court of law. But an Israeli religious court has recently done just that.

The court, which holds legal jurisdiction over religious questions -- which, in Israel, includes circumcision -- has ordered the mother in question to circumcise her son or face a $150 fine for every day the procedure remains undone. So far, she already owes nearly $1,000.

The boy's mother, who goes by Elinor, says that her baby was born with a medical problem that prevented him from being ritually circumcised. After she had time to research the pr actice, she decided that her son was "perfect just the way he was."

Parents should have the right to decide what's right for their kids. Unless it puts the children or others in danger, the law shouldn't be involved. The court's decision is essentially a form of blackmailing Elinor and her family into conceding to their will.

Elinor is currently appealing her case to the Israeli supreme court. Support her right not to circumcise her son!

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Howie Adds: Religious Courts should have no jurisdiction over peoples lives and must have any powers they have in any country removed immediately.

Demand the separation of religion and the state everywhere!

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