Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Defend the right to not beleive

Living in a Western democracy its' easy to take our rights for granted. We have freedom of speech and association, the right to vote and can choose whichever religion we wish to follow or none.

That's the way things should be.

Most of the major religions abandoned the death penalty for blasphemy. The Inquisition is long gone and the last person to be executed for such a crime in Britain was over 300 years ago, in Scotland 1697 since you ask. The poor chaps name was Thomas Aikenhead. Judaism no longer smites non believers and Hinduism does not even have the concept of "blasphemy", though people still find reasons to kill each other.

Not so in Islam.

The penalty for "apostasy" under Sharia is death. The law of "blasphemy" is quite extensive and you can be prosecuted if you write Mohammed's name on a toilet wall (in Pakistan) and you'll all recall the almost farcical spectacle in Sudan when some nutters took exception the naming of a teddy bear after the prophet.

So why is this?

The hate preacher Yusuf Qaradawi says its because Islam would not exist if you allowed people to leave. Or question or convert or......

Seeing the way they treat people, women, gays, Jews, and everyone else who doesn't follow their desert cult its' actually not surprising people might choose to leave.

Here's the man himself:

It gets worse. According to this man you can even be beheaded if you fail to pray five times a day.

He didn't get a school thankfully.

Thankfully the Judicial system in this country has finally recognised that Atheists are in danger if they return to their country. The Scotsman reports today:

AN Afghan citizen has secured asylum in the UK over fears of religious persecution for his atheist beliefs, in a case believed to be the first of its kind.

The case was submitted to the Home Office under the 1951 Refugee Convention on the basis that if the man returned to Afghanistan he would face persecution on the grounds of religion, or in this case his lack of religious belief.

The man involved fled to the UK from a conflict involving his family in Afghanistan and was allowed to stay in the UK until 2013, a university spokeswoman said.

He was brought up as a Muslim but after arriving in the UK, aged 16, in 2007, he gradually turned to atheism, she said.

The case involved the Law Clinic lodging an extensive written submission with the Home Office, drawing on recent Supreme Court decisions, and including detailed evidence that the man’s return to Afghanistan could result in a death sentence under Sharia law as an “apostate” - someone who has abandoned their religious faith - unless he remained discreet about his atheist beliefs.

‘Lack of religion can lead to religious persecution’

Evidence also showed that because every aspect of daily life and culture in Afghanistan is permeated by Islam, living discreetly would be virtually impossible, the spokeswoman said.
The Telegraph adds:

It goes on to explain how the man had recently made a visit to another predominantly Muslim country, to visit friends, and had been “shocked” by how his lack of belief made him stand out.

“He was shocked by how everyone talked as if life meant nothing to them,” it says.

“People said ‘this is not the only world’ and that you have to believe. People said ‘you cannot sit and eat with people who are not Muslim’.

“He noticed that to the people he met, this life meant nothing to them and all their expectations were focused on the other world, life after death.”

Muslims need to start asking themselves questions about these men who threaten death about all and sundry when it comes to faith. Whose interests are they really serving?

They are afraid.

Afraid of losing their power over you.

There's too much killing going on in the name of "Islam". The pernicious influence of the Islamists threatens everyone, ordinary Muslims as well. 

Believe what you will, but learn to recognise not only that others do not think like you, but no one has the right to kill someone just because they are different.

That includes Atheists.

The right to not believe is a basic Human Right.

And Human Rights always come before religion.

Time for Islam to grow up.

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