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George Galloway issues "Fatwa" on twitter

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The self publicising creature George Galloway hasn't been in the news recently (unless you count his appearances on the Russian propaganda channel RT) so it comes as no surprise that he has decided to join the ranks of the easily offended brigade by complaining about a Jesus and Mo cartoon image being tweeted by Maajid Nawaz.

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No Muslim will ever vote for the Liberal Democrats anywhere ever unless they ditch the provocateur Majid Nawaz, cuckold of the EDL.

The reason for his latest intervention is of course totally opportunistic following complaints by so called "leading Muslims" (also self appointed of course) who have written to Nick Clegg about the action of one of his wannabe MPs. The reactionary blog 5 Pillarz reports:

Prominent members of the Muslim community have written to the Liberal Democrats and their leader Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to ask them to reverse their decision to back Maajid Nawaz’s attempt to become an MP at the next election.

The campaign comes after Nawaz posted a cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Prophet Isa (as) on his Twitter feed. Any depiction of the prophets is considered offensive to most Muslims and has traditionally been prohibited by the majority of scholars.

Nawaz, who’s the chairman of the anti-extremism think-tank the Quilliam Foundation, defended his decision to post the cartoon by saying that it was not offensive and that scholars were split over the depiction of the Prophet. He also accused others of inciting his murder by calling him “a defamer of the Prophet.”

But Irfan Ahmed, who is an executive member of the Pendle Liberal Democrats, called on Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem leadership to sack Maajid Nawaz as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC).

Ahmed has written to the leadership of the Lib Dems and says he has also had a leading Lib Dem agree with him that Maajid’s comments are “childish” and “impolite”.

Of course as we are all aware these so called Islamic "scholars" rely on extreme penalties within Islam itself to maintain their hold and power over their community (see here). Free speech and satire are alien concepts to these wizened old men.

Islam is not above criticism or ridicule for a set of superstitious ideas that are man-made (there is no God).

Fortunately we still live in a country where we can express our opinions freely. 

A tradition that needs defending every day against backwoodsmen (and women) of every religion (not just Islam) who wish to impose their religious nonsense on us.

Maajid Nawaz has every right to to say what he wants.

Not that I'd vote for him or any other Liberal Democrat after their role in the reactionary Coalition Government for the last three years.

Freedom of speech and expression are non-negotiable.

George Galloway should be ashamed of himself, but he won't be. He's just after some votes for his almost defunct (and misnamed) Respect Party.

Update: Maajid has received death threats. See here:


Human Rights always come before religious rights!

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