Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Clegg and Serwotka: Facing the Abyss

I had to laugh when I picked up this mornings copy of The Times. They reported that:

Labour is secretly targeting Nick Clegg's seat in a decapitation strategy to scupper future coalition negotiations between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

Neither a surprise nor secret now it's front page news. I understand that one of Lord Ashdown's "private polls" has indicated old Cleggy is down to a 3% lead.

That much?

There's a lot of students in Sheffield who might hold just a wee bit of a grudge over student fees. And not a few locals pissed of about him failing to intervene over Sheffield Forgemasters (see here).

There's a lot of hostility to him on the doorstep we are informed.

No shit, really?

The Liberal Democrats have proved themselves to be worthless.

Talking of  the inept and useless.....

The PCS controversy continues to cause a stir on the Internet.

The cancellation of the elections and their handling of the unions financial crisis was furiously defended by the Left Unity ruling faction (an alliance of the Socialist Party, SWP and other malcontents for the benefit of outsiders). Their statement proudly proclaims that:

PCS is the best organised and most effectively administered union in Britain

Stop laughing at the back.

An anarchist summed up the current "debate" quite nicely:

..... a favoured gambit of NEC members is to avoid engaging with the actual arguments made by trying to discredit the very right of other people to disagree. The PCS Left Unity website even goes so far as to create the false dichotomy between members and activists who will understand and right wingers who will criticise out of sheer devilment. But, if you can’t defeat an argument and instead attack the person making it, there’s a high likelihood that you’re talking out of your arse.


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